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Sep 2 10 1:10 PM

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What is the most effective gag you have ever had applied to you ?

love the classic damsel in distress scenarios - being tied up to be taught a lesson, or to be a detained captive. Gags are a must

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Sep 3 10 4:49 AM

I've received multi-layered gags- a hanky or bandanna in my mouth, one tied cleave-gag style holding that in, and another one tied over my mouth detective-style. Sometimes an ace bandage was used instead. And I could still make a pretty decent amount of noise, you just couldn't understand what i was saying. A sound-proof room (putting quilts or blankets on the walls, for instance) or a masking noise, like the TV, radio, running water or nearby construction work or traffic would have to cover all the sound. Even rhythmic thumping or tapping will bring someone to check on it- Nancy Drew did it in THE TAPPING HEELS.

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Orpheus Kai

Nancy Drew

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Sep 3 10 5:23 AM

To me? Uhh...closest I can think of is when I stuffed an entire sandwich in my mouth, because I was hungry.

I'd think a cleave-gag is best with some manner of stuffing, but I'm inexperienced in real-life situations. Sorry

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Master Sleuth

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Jan 12 11 10:30 PM

Angela wrote:
A good cleave-gag, possible with stuffing too

That's one of my favorites

"Let me go, I promise I won't tell any...mmmpphh!!"

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Jan 30 11 8:22 PM

Effective gag

My recommendation for most effective gag.

1) Start by having her put on a bathing cap to protect her hair.
2) Before fastening the chin strap, insert earplugs (optional, but recommended)
3) Cleave gag
4) Stuffing, cleave gag should keep from swallowing the stuffing which would be very bad
5) One wrap of tape around head to force stuffing deep and hold in place
6) One wrap of tape under chin and around top of head to compress stuffing
7) Multi wraps of tape around head to seal lips.
Add blindfold (optional, but also recommended).

I've never heard any complaints.

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Dec 19 12 9:06 AM

I imitated a bondage video I saw a while back..

Mouth-packing, followed by a ballgag, followed by duct tape followed by a bandage wrap.

You can scream into it, but not a ton of sound really comes out and definitely nothing intelligible. You get more noise from humming loudly.

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Intrepid Junior Detective

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Dec 19 12 8:23 PM

I tried a lot of different gags but the most effective was a stuffing with two tight cleave-gags and one tight OTM gag.

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