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The life of a girl detective is constant danger. Things such as snooping around buildings and gathering evidence can get one into trouble. Even a random ordinart day in the life of a teen detective can be frought with peril.

Anna Brown, mother of famed teen detective Julie Brown, sat down on her couch, exhausted. Today had been an very busy day at the office where she work. She was an executive and thus could get quite busy. She hadn't even takne off her work clothes which were a grey buisness suit with a blouse and skirt, stockings and a pair of heels, when she heard the doorbell ring.

"Hello?" she said as she opened it. Outside was a man wearing work overalls. "You must be here about the water heater" said Anna. The man nodded. "Just show me where it is" he said. Anna lead the man into the basement. "So here it is" she said. Anna had failed to notice that the mans tool box really contained rope and duct tape. When she turned around to face hime, he was holding a gun at her. "Wh-whats this?" she stammered. "It's called a home invasion" said the man. "What do you want from me?" she said, scared. "First, lie down on the floor so I can tie you up> Then tell me where all of the valubles are. Once you have done so I will then gag you with this duct tape". Anna did as she was told. She was tied on her legs at her ankles and thighs. Her wrists were bound and her arms were tied to her chest. As she was being gagged, Anna said "Please get it over with qucik. My daughter will be home soon and-" she stopped herself. "A duaghter huh?" said the man. Before Anna could protest anymore she was gagged with duct tape.

Julie Brown was driving into her driveway on her way home from school, not supecting that her mother was already held hostage. Julie saw her mom's car in the garage and walked in side. "Mom? I'm home". When Mrs. Brown didn't respond Julie said "Hey Mom. I'm home". Maybe she was changing, thought Julie. As Julie was going into her room, she was suddenly stopped by a man with a gun. "Holy cow" she said in nervous voice. "Your mother told me you'de be getting home soon". said the man. "Where's my mother?" said Julie in a demanding yet frightend voice. "Down in the basement, where you're going" he said. "No, put your hands behind your back so I can tie them". Julie did as she was told, afraid for both herself and her mother.

After being led into the basement, her hands tied, Julie saw her mother, who was bound and gagged. "Mother!" she yelled. Anna mmpphhed something that sounded like "Julie". "Alright, now that this family moment is over, time to tie you up" said the robber. Julie was then tied and gagged in the same way as her mother. "Just to make sure you two don't get loose while I clean the place out, I'm going to blindfold you two". The robber then ripped oof to strips of duct tape and put them over Julie and Anna's eyes. "Don't worry, I'm sure someone will look for you at some point" said the robber.

Crap, thought Julie. Here she was tied and gagged with her mother in their house basment. Julie had been in situations similar to this in her teen detetive adventures, so she knew how to be calm. First things fisrt, try to escpae. Julie tried to gut her hand ropes loose. Wow, these ropes were tight. She was blindfolded wich meant her movement was impaired. Right next to her she could hear her mother mmpphh angrily. Her captor hadn't done a search on her pockets. Maybe she could get at her cellphone. But then she thought, If I can't see my cell phone, how will I know what buttons I am pressing? She did have speedial. Maybe if she pressed a random button, she might get some help.

Bernard was in his room when he heard his phone ring. "Hello? Hello?" he said. "Mpphh. Mmpphh" came the answer from the other end. At first Bernard couldn't understand what that noise was, but he quickly figured it out. "Where are you?" he asked. "At home" mmpphhed Julie. "Ok, One noise for yes, two for no" he said. "Are you at home?" asked Bernard. Benard heard one mmpphh. "I'm calling the cops" he said.

After two hours or what seemed to Julie and her mom like an eterninty, Julie heard the basment door open. Was it the robber again? "Hello? This is the police. Anyone down there?" Julie and Anna began mmpphhing as loud as they could. Within minutes the they were untied and gagged." "Than God" said Anna. "Who called you?" asked Julie. "Your cousin Bernanrd. he called us and said his cousin Julie Brown was in trouble. It wasn't easy to doubt him". Well, thought Julie, this was the one time her reputation for getting into trouble helped her. "We've got a patrol car chasing a suspicious van right now. Most likely the items stolen from your house". When Julie's dad got home Julie and Anna told him what had happened. "Well, I'm glad you're ok. What about our stolen items?" "I got a call from them police a few minutes ago. They caught the guy and are briging our stuff back now". Anna smiled at Julie. "We've got quite a reosurceful little girl here. When she started this whole detectibe club of her's I was nervous. But now she's proven to me that she can take care of herself".

The End