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May 20 06 12:57 AM

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Part one by: Deanna and Tracey


The Teen World Pageant is coming to Watertown High School. Teen Girls from all over the world will be converging on Watertown High and The Watertown Hotel for the most famous beauty pageant in all of teen detective land. The winner gets to wear a beautiful gold dress, one worn by Marilyn Monroe in the 1950's, and win a large scholarship for college.

The pageant focuses on fashion, yes, but what matters most is what is inside every girl. It is not important on how you look, but it helps, but how the girls conduct themselves. But there are those who do not want this pageant to take place. Also, what about the dress? It is said to be worth thousands of dollars and great care has been taken to protect it. But of course villains will be lurking to try to steal it...


Jenna Campeau, a 17- year old senior, is the Captain of the cheerleader squad. At 5'9, she stands out with her long brunette hair, brown eyes, and adorable smile, is one of the most popular girls at Watertown High. But she is not conceited, and can get along with almost anyone. (Her celebrity lookalike would be Prue from Charmed with a perm). Jenna is the one who was able to get the pageant here at Watertown.

"Hi, it's Jenna," Talking on her cell phone while sitting in the student's lounge. "Yeah, that's right," Pausing, "Hmm, Hmm," Pausing again. "Yes, it's a pageant for girls 13 to 19, Middle school and High School." Jenna, wearing a cranberry colored suede miniskirt, white blouse, with a matching suede sleeveless vest, crossed her legs as she was sitting in the lounge chair. The opaque cranberry tights and leather loafers make a terrific match to the outfit. Jenna is the student director of the pageant though she could win easily. She chose not to enter, but to run the pageant instead.

"Great," as Jenna arose from her seat. "Bye, Bye," Jenna turned off her cell phone. Looking at her watch, "The detective club meeting is going to start later, I have time to study for that test," she thought to herself. She walked down the hall, which was deserted since school was done for the day. Suddenly someone reached out and clamped a hand over her mouth and dragged her into a closet.

"Mmmphhh," Jenna tried to scream. But it was no use.

"Quick, tie her up!" A voice whispered. Jenna looked up and saw two figures, dressed in all black. They were wearing ski- masks.

"We need to gag her," a girl's voice chimed in. Jenna tried to struggle to get away, but the larger figure held her fast. The girl villain stuffed a handkerchief into Jenna's mouth, and then tied a silk scarf around her mouth, in detective style. Then She tied Jenna's hands behind her back with white nylon rope, and then her ankles with four turns around.

"Nice legs," the villain with the male voice said.

"Mmmphhh," Jenna vehemently tried to say. "Mmmphhh, Mmmpphh!"
"Quiet, this will be over in a while. Put her in that sack!" Said the female voice.

Jenna was covered with a large canvass sack, from head to toe, and the drawstring that was on the top was pulled tight!

"Mmmphh,mmmph," Jenna tried to escape, but to no avail. "What do they want with me?" She thought. She tried to move her wrists, but they were tied tight. And in the sack she could not see a thing. It was totally dark, except for the air holes in the bottom, which allowed a little light in, but not enough to see.

The male villain threw her over his shoulder, and the two villains carried Jenna out to their car. They place her down in the back seat, and drove to a house nearby.

"Mmmphh, Mmmmphhh.." Jenna tried to scream. But she was effectively gagged.

They pulled into the driveway and drove into the garage. There, Jenna was picked up and carried down to the basement. They took her out of the sack and placed her against an upright table, untying her hands and re-tying her hands to the table, with her hands to her side but even with her head.

"Mmpphh, Mpphhh..." Cried Jenna as she looked at the two villains who were staring at her.

"Now, tell us who is coming to the pageant!" Said the male villain.

"Shouldn't you remove her gag first?" Asked the female villain.

"Not necessary, because there is not going to be a pageant. You are going to cancel it! Got it, and if not bad things are going to happen!" Said the male villain.

"Mmmphhh, Mmphhh," as Jenna shook her head back and forth, No!

"Put her back in the sack, I think she got the message!" Said the female villain.

"Do not call the cops or tell anyone or else!" Said the villains.

They put her back in the sack, carried her back out to the car, and drove back to the school. They put her in the back hallway, took her out of the sack, untied her ankles, but left her hands tied behind her back and the over the mouth tight gag in place.

"There, give us a head start, then you can be rescued!" With that the villains ran off, leaving the tied up Jenna who was almost crying, standing there.


"Ok," said Deanna Taylor, president of the Watertown High Detective Club, "Let's bring this meeting to order." There are fifteen girls in this club, including Tracey, Erin Miller, Jessica Starr, Erica Cain, Deanna's sister Amy, and others including Jenna.

"Where's Jenna?" Asked Tracey.

Deanna looked up at the clock. "She is late, she wanted to talk about the pageant."

Just then there was a thump at the door. The door slowly opened and in came Jenna, walking in back wards after managing to open the door with her tied wrists.

The girl detectives gasped! "Jenna," Deanna shouted. The teen president wearing a denim miniskirt outfit rushed over and untied Jenna's
hands as Tracey removed her gag.

"What happened?" Asked a stunned Tracey.

"I was kidnapped by two masked thugs, I think. They want me to cancel the pageant! But I don't know why. They said bad things could happen if it goes on."

"Do you have any idea who they were?" Asked Deanna.

"Only a boy and a girl, they sounded like kids like us," said Jenna. "I don't want to cancel, we have put too much work into this show!"

"No," said Deanna. "We have to get to the bottom of this. But we'll have to call the police!"

"No, No police," cried Jenna. "They said no cops. I think these are high school kids. I think we can handle it ourselves!"

"Ok, for now," said Deanna.

"I think one of us should join the pageant. I can design the costumes," said Tracey.

''But who?" asked Erin

All of the snoops looked at Deanna.

"Me, I hate these things," said Deanna.

"But you are the prettiest," said Tracey. "With your good looks and sense of fashion, you would be great!"

Deanna gave Tracey a dirty look.

"Ok," said Deanna. "I'll do it, but under protest!"

"Great," said Jenna. "I’ll get you a registration form. We start next week. And Tracey, you would be perfect for the costumes, where you are both into theatre."

"Sounds like a plan," said Deanna. "Erin, we need some research on this pageant, can you take care of that?"

"You bet," said Erin.

"Let's meet again in two days, with our info. And we'll go from there!" Said Deanna.

"Sounds like another case to me," said Tracey.


Two days later Deanna, Tracey, and Jenna met after school. Deanna, wearing a brown flower print miniskirt with brown knee socks, and a tan pullover top, Tracey in jeans and a sweatshirt, and Jenna wearing a white short sleeve jersey and a short blue twill skirt, sat down to discuss the pageant in the school’s cafeteria.

“We need to take you down to JT Max and fit you for your clothes for the pageant,” said Jenna. “Since JT Max is a sponsor, we need to wear their stuff!”

“Ok,” said Deanna, who never turns down a date to go shopping. “I can’t wait to see the styles they are going to wear!”

“I will head over to the theatre and see if anything is going on there,” Added Tracey. “They should be working on the set for the pageant. When do the other girls arrive?”

“This Thursday night,” Jenna replied. “The out of town girls will be staying at the Watertown Hotel. And the activities leading up to the pageant will happen there.”

“What about the gold dress?” Asked Deanna. “I have a feeling that someone might try to steal it when the deliver it from the museum.”

“I don’t know myself. Only the Director knows for sure. You’re right, for security they are keeping it a secret. That dress is worth a ton of money,” added Jenna. Looking at her watch, “We need to get to the store, they close early today.”

“I’ll scurry on over to the theatre,” said Tracey. “I’ll see you two in an hour?”

Both girls nodded yes.

With that Deanna and Jenna got into Deanna’s car, a 2004 Mustang Convertible, (I wish), actually a 1995 Cutlass Cierra that Deacon Taylor Sr. had given her.
As they drove out of the parking lot Jenna had a nervous look on her face.

“What’s the matter?” Asked Deanna. “Everything is going to be O.K., you’ll see.”

“No, it’s not that. Can I ask you a question?” Jenna had a nervous quiver in her voice.

“Anything,” said Deanna. “You can’t hurt my feelings,” smiling.

“Well, when I was kidnapped and tied up I was scared. Have you ever been tied up?” Jenna asked with wide eyes?

“More that I can tell, it comes with the territory of being a teen detective. Why do you ask?” Deanna continued to drive towards downtown and the store.

“Well, Well, even though I was scared, part of me enjoyed this. I liked being tied up, the feeling of not being able to escape, and being gagged. You may think this is weird, but I liked it!” Jenna replied. “However, I didn’t care for the sack.”

“You’re not weird, you are perfectly normal. A lot of people feel the way you do. Some like to be tied up, some don’t. It’s a person’s choice what they do, as long as they agree to it. You’re cool Jenna, very cool!” said Deanna. “Just between you and me, I like being tied up too! It makes the adventures more fun. Of course as long as there’s a happy ending.”

“That makes me feel better,” said Jenna. “Look, we’ve just made it. They’re closing in ten minutes. This shouldn’t take long.”

Deanna and Jenna pulled up to the curb and got out and went through the door. This is the store where Erin works, and is owned by Maxwell Starr. The J stands for Jessica, and the T stands for Tammy, his two daughters. Deanna spotted Erin and Tammy, who are the clerks on duty. Erin Miller of course, is wearing her traditional white blouse and black miniskirt with off black nylons. Tammy Starr, who is a sophomore at Watertown, looks just like her sister but with shoulder length hair. (Celebrity look-a-like: Marcia Brady from the movie with brown hair). Tammy is wearing a white blouse with a short black pleated miniskirt with nude pantyhose. Both girls are wearing comfortable loafers. The workers at JT Max wear white over black, either pants or skirts.

Erin, spotting Deanna and Jenna, “Hi girls, come on in. We’re about to close. We suppose you want to pick out your clothes for this big weekend!”

“Yes,” said Deanna. “Especially when the sponsor pays for them, hee-hee!”

“Well,” said Tammy. “Here’s the rack for the pageant. Assorted styles from knit pants to bubblegum skirts. You must be a size ten to twelve,” as Tammy looked at the 5”10 Deanna. Tammy herself is Tracey’s size at 5’8. She is taller than her sister, Erica.

“Mostly 12, some skirts I can wear a ten. It depends on the style.” Deanna said smiling. “You know your stuff!”

“Here, try this on,” Tammy hands Deanna a JT Max Twill miniskirt, a dark tan with a flare. Deanna goes into the dressing room to try it on.


Suddenly the front door burst open and slammed shut. Jenna did a double take. “Oh, no, not you two again!”

Erin and Tammy looked at the two figures wearing ski masks and all black.

“Don’t move anyone, and you won’t get hurt,” said the boy villain. “This is NOT a robbery. We just want to tie you up!” The girl villain, who was holding several pieces of rope and what looks like a real gun! “Now,” said the boy villain. “I want you three to lie face down on the floor, and put your hands behind your backs!”

Erin and Tammy were trained to follow instructions in case there was a hold up. They both slowly lied down on the floor and put their hands behind their backs. Jenna, in shock, just stood there.

“Move,” said the girl villain. “Haven’t we met before?” She shoved Jenna to the floor beside Erin and Tammy. “Just cooperate and you won’t get hurt!”

“Do as they say,” said Erin. The girl villain tied up Erin with nylon rope around her wrists four times and rope tied around her ankles four times. The boy villain tied up Tammy the same way. Then the girl villain tied up Jenna, noticing her white ankle socks and sneakers, “smart girl, your socks should protect your ankles.”

“We didn’t bring gags,” said the boy villain.

“No need to,” said the girl villain. She went over to a stand that was holding knit scarves, all shapes, colors, and sizes. “Do it yourself gags!”

The girl shouted with glee!

She grabbed three print scarves, “here gag them!”

“No, please, we’ll be good!” Pleaded Erin. “We won’t…MMMPHHH,” as the scarf was tied around her mouth, between her teeth, and tied behind her head. Tammy and Jenna were gagged in the same way. The three girls struggled on the floor to try to get loose, but as in every Deanna and Tracey adventure, they were tied up tight, though rather simply.

“Where’s that other girl?” Asked the boy villain.

All of this time Deanna was peering out from the curtain looking at everything. “Ohmygod,” she thought to her self, “I must try to escape!” She looked around, but there was no way to the back entrance without being seen. Deanna looked in horror…

The villains moved towards the dressing room. Deanna was standing on a bench so if they looked under the curtain they would not see her. As the villains moved closer, Deanna’s heart started to beat faster. They slowly moved to the curtain, and the boy villain, said, “No, she’s gone,” and turned. But just then he turned quickly, pulled the curtain back, revealing the teen detective now wearing the twill miniskirt.

“Come on out,” said the girl villain, pointing the gun directly at Deanna. Deanna reluctantly obeyed and moved out of the dressing room slowly. The girl villain pointed the gun at Deanna and fired it! A dart shot out, hitting Deanna in the shoulder. A small dart, not very big, was able to do the trick.

“Ouch,” said Deanna, as her hand moved towards her shoulder. She stared at the two villains as her eyes became blurry. She slowly sank to the floor, and fell fast asleep.

“She will be out only for an half an hour, let’s tie her up, but with her hands in front. Just to delay her escape!” They tied Deanna’s hands and feet with the nylon rope, but with Deanna’s hands in front. They cleave gagged her with a scarf. The villains went over to Jenna, and the girl villain knelt down and grabbed Jenna’s chin. “This is another warning, stop this pageant. And, the shorter your skirt, the safer you’ll be!” Letting go of Jenna, the villain’s ran out of the store, leaving the girls on the floor, bound and gagged!


Tracey had gone over to the theatre to see what was going on there. The stage crew was busy putting the set together with flats and lighting to make the pageant better. “Oh, good,” said the stage manager. Rusty Donaldson, a junior with red hair, (celebrity look-a-like Ron from Harry Potter) spotted Tracey and rushed over.

“I am glad you are here Tracey. There has been some strange stuff happening, and it’s not cool. Tools and stuff have been disappearing, only to be found in other parts of the theatre. If these are found at all! I know you and your best friend solve cases, right? Can you help us?” Said Rusty.

“We’ll do what we can,” said Tracey. “Show me the stolen stuff, and where is was taken from!”

They walked towards the tool shed, suddenly, WHOOSH! And a big THUD and BANG! Ron pushed Tracey out of the way of a falling sandbag. Tracey fell to the floor, but it just missed her. “That was close!” A scared Ron yelled. Everyone stopped cold. They gasped! “Are you ok Tracey?” asked Ron.

“Yes, I’m O.K., thanks!” Tracey jumped up and looked at the sandbag. She grabbed the rope that was attached to it. “It’s been cut!” Screeched Tracey. She noticed the clean break in the rope.

“Someone doesn’t want this pageant to go on, but who?” Asked Ron. The others looked on.

“I don’t know, but we are going to find out!” Tracey, looking at her watch, “Where’s Deanna and Jenna?”


Jenna, Tammy, and Erin looked at each other in stunned disbelief. Erin peered over at Deanna who was sound- asleep. The three bound girls tried to loosen their bonds, but it was fruitless. 'At least the floor is carpeted,' Erin thought. Erin rolled over next to Jenna, lying back to back, in order to try to untie Jenna's hands. She reached with her fingers, but the knots were very tight.

Muffled, "Can you do it?" Asked Jenna. Just then Deanna started to come around. She slowly opened her eyes, but had trouble moving. Deanna looked at her hands as her eyes came into focus. "Mmpphhh..." she tried to yell to Erin. Deanna looked at the other three bound and gagged girls, and wiggled over by sliding on her hands and butt until she got over to Erin. Deanna reached down and untied Erin's hands. It was much easier with Deanna's hands tied in front.

After Erin was loose, she removed her gag. "Thanks, Deanna." With that Erin untied Deanna, then Deanna untied Jenna, and Erin untied Tammy.

"Who would do such a thing?" Cried Tammy. "And they did not take anything! But I have to call Mr. Starr and the police!"

"This is about the pageant, not this store," said Deanna as Tammy dialed 911.

Within minutes the Police and Maxwell Starr arrived.

"I am glad no one got hurt!" said a relieved Starr. After Deanna and Jenna gave their statements, they drove back to the school, where Erin would meet them later.


Rusty looked at Tracey and Ron just like he had seen a ghost. "Are you guys all right!"

"That was close," said Ron, the prop manager. Ron was a senior who is dating Marcy, the light board operator. He is 6' tall with short black hair, dark eyes, and is a linebacker on the football team.

"But where is Deanna and Jenna, they should've been here by now!" Tracey exclaimed looking at her watch. "Deanna is going to want to know about this so called accident!"

Marcy Allen, a 17- year old junior, at 5'5" has dark brown hair with a wavy perm, (celebrity lookalike, Lizzie's Miranda), chimed in. "They should be here soon! It is cold in here. I left my sweater up in the light booth, I"ll be right back."

Marcy, wearing a denim miniskirt, blue tights and a tank top went down the aisle of the theatre towards the back. She, like Deanna wears Nike sneakers like, all of the time, even when she wears a skirt. Marcy climbed the stairs, the light booth door is located on the second floor in the back of the theatre. "This is creepy,' she thought. She reached down to open the light booth door and suddenly, "What da... MMMMPHHH!" A hand is clamped over Marcy's mouth. Marcy struggled with all of her might, but she could not escape. A boy's voice: "Tie her up, gag her, and put her in the closet!"

"Cool," said the girl's voice. "Tying up six girls in one day is so much fun!" Marcy thought she recognized the voice, but she is not quite sure. The girl villain stuffed a handkerchief into Marcy's mouth as her wrists and ankles were bound with duct tape. Marcy listened in horror as the sound of tape being wrapped around and torn off the roll.
The boy villain ripped of a piece of duct tape and clamped it over Marcy's mouth, with the handkerchief inside, effectively gagging her.

"Mmmpphh." said Marcy, but she was helpless as she was dragged to the closet. The girl villain opened the door and shoved Marcy in and slammed it shut. Marcy sunk to the floor, all tied up!


Deanna and Jenna arrived back at the theatre. Tracey rushed over to them as the girls came into the side entrance. Deanna, who had changed back into her clothes she was wearing before, described their ordeal in the store, how they were tied up, and the villains who may be the same who originally kidnapped Jenna.

"That must have been awful, but try almost getting hit by a sandbag!" Said Tracey. "Someone is trying to stop this pageant, but why?"

Deanna and Tracey went up to the loft and look at the ropes that held the drops and sandbags. One of them was obviously cut. They could tell by the lone rope that was still rapped around the rail but was lying on the floor with a clean cut in it. "There is no question, this was cut! And with the contestants due to arrive in the next chapter, they could be in danger!"

Deanna and Tracey went back down into the seats with the others. "Should we call the police?" asked Rusty.

"The police know, but they are busy with the State Convention in town. With the Governor there, they are in charge of security. We are mostly on our own!" Said Deanna.

"Where's Marcy?" asked Ron, her boyfriend. "She just went up to get her sweater!"

Marcy struggled on the floor, it was dark in the closet. Her tights ripped from the struggling. "MMpphhh..." she tried to yell help me!

Deanna and Tracey, sensing something was wrong, rushed up to the light booth. The door was locked! "What's that noise?" asked Tracey.

"It is coming from that closet," said Deanna. Deanna and Tracey went over to the door, and opened it. There on the floor was Marcy, bound and gagged with duct tape.

As Tracey removed her gag, "What happened?" Asked Deanna.

Marcy, quivering, "These two, dressed in black, grabbed me, tied me up, and put me into this closet. Look at my tights!"

Deanna and Tracey noticed the run in her tights, but... "Look what is clipped to your miniskirt!" Deanna said almost shouting. She pulled off a note. It said...


"Wow!" said Tracey. "What do we do now!"

"We go on, this pageant must go on, but we must find out who these villains are, and fast!" Said Deanna.

"I think I might know who one of them is!" Said Marcy.

Deanna and Tracey looked at her, "Who, tell us, who do you think it is?"


Deanna and Tracey stared at Marcy. "You mean you think you can recognize one of your captors voice?" Asked Deanna.

"Yes," said Marcy. "I think it's Cara Riley. You know Cara, the cheerleader, the one who looks like Jessica Simpson with her long blonde hair. But she is a lot smarter."

"You got that right," chirped Tracey. "She tried to get head cheerleader. She would have won too if she hadn't fell during tryouts. I can see this pageant meaning a lot to her."

"Maybe she just wants to scare contestants away, to make it easier for her to win. Or it's just a cover for that gold dress. Tracey has a meeting with the pageant director. Would you like to go along?" Deanna looks at Tracey. "Cara will be there, right... Tracey?"

"Yes, Dee, she will be there. She is in charge of one of the numbers. Marcy, you could be there, where you are doing the lighting."

"I will try Tracey, but I have a big project I am working on for English class. But I will try to be there. Cara isn't in any of my classes, but I will try to see if I can get close to her to hear her voice."

"It's all set then. Tracey will go to the meeting, and report back to us with what she has found out." said Deanna.

The next day Deanna and Tracey rose from bed and got dressed for school. "Nice outfit," Deanna said to Tracey, admiring her blue plaid miniskirt and matching navy blue short sleeve pull over top. Tracey just glared at her. "You look so cool. Here, wear these," throwing her a pair of nude pantyhose.

Catching them, "I am only dressing up for this meeting. Dr. Almer is important, but the National Director could be there too." Tracey put on a pair of loafers. "I thought of boots, but it's warm for a fall day. I hope Marcy can make it, or at least find out if it's Cara. By the way, what's that you're reading?" Tracey noticing a book that Deanna has placed on the top of her stack of books.

"Oh, this," holding up the book. "Danger Girls Incorporated, a book by Sam Hewes. "It's about these girls in a detective club. They are always getting into trouble!"

Tracey looked at Deanna with that What da **** look. "You've got to be kidding. This sounds like us!" Said Tracey, shaking her head. "I will meet you after basketball practice, ok? My meeting should end before your practice."

"Ok, meet me at the gym," said Deanna, who is now wearing a red striped polo shirt and black miniskirt, off black nylons, and of course her Nike's. "I'll let you read my book after I am finished. It's about girls trying to fiend off evil Internet dooers trying to destroy their club. There's a magician, and even a couple of Goth girls."

"Sounds cool," said Tracey. "Let's get to school, we are going to be late!" With that the girls went out the door and walked to school.


School had ended, and a meeting was to take place in the Guidance Counselor's office. Dr. Josephine Almer, PhD, (celeb lookalike: Jackie Collins), was there with Cara Riley and another boy, John Hammond. Cara, who looks like Jessica Simpson, is 5'11" tall, long blonde hair, blue eyes, and weighs 135 lbs. Wearing a denim miniskirt and white blouse, and Doc Marten's boots. John, who looks like John Stamos, has dreamy black hair, a Greek complexion, and dark eyes. At 6' tall he is every girl's dream. He has one goal, get to "know" the girls in the pageant, but that is far as this goes. This is a P.G. rated story.

"Is everything ready?" Questioned Dr. Almer. "We can't afford any mistakes. We have too much to lose. Your tasks are going very well. Three contestants have dropped out. The girls are nervous, this should provide a good distraction for our plan."

"You said I can win the Pageant," Cara cried. "I have to win, I must win!"

"But how are you going to steal that gold dress?" Asked John. "If we get caught, all of our butts are fried!"

Smiling, "Calm down, things are under control." Comforted Dr. Almer. The smile started to turn into an evil smile, so sinister that it would scare The Grinch. "We are not going to steal the dress, Tracey is." Both Cara and John stared at the good Doctor in disbelief.

"How is that possible? Tracey is one of the brightest kids in school. She can never be bought off!" Cried Cara.

Tracey stood outside the door of the Guidance Counselor's office. She kept looking at her watch, waiting for Marcy. But unbeknown to Tracey, Marcy was delayed in the library working on a report. It was taking longer than Marcy expected. "Oh well," Tracey thought to herself. Tracey knocks on the door.

"Come in," said Dr. Almer. As Tracey walked in, "Sit down, we are glad you have joined us. We have been going over your costume designs for the pageant. Your idea to dress them like 'girl next door' schoolgirls is a great idea. And of course your gowns from JT Maxx will top it off. Good work! Would you like some lemonade, and we can discuss some minor changes." Tracey sat down as Dr. Almer handed her a glass.

"Thank you," said Tracey, taking a sip. "This is good! I thought of a more casual approach to start, then move on to the more sophisticated gowns!" At this point John continued to stare at Tracey's legs, as Tracey sat in the chair.

"Stop staring at Tracey," Cara whispered in John's ear.

"What?" Said Tracey.

"Never mind," said Cara. The three looked at Tracey.

Tracey looked back at them, but they started to become blurry. "I want to keep their skirts short, I think my roommate's idea... What's happening, I feel funny! Why am I so weak?"

'There, There, now. Come with us. You will be all right!" They led Tracey to a back room attached to the office. In there was a couch, a chair, desk with a computer on it, and this weird multicolored spiral circle on the wall.

"Where are you taking me?" Complained Tracey. She wanted to run, but her legs were so weak. Tracey was sat down in a arm-chair. Her wrists were strapped to each arm, a strap over her waist holding her in the chair, and her ankles were strapped to the legs of the chair. "Why are you tying me up?" Asked Tracey. But she could not escape. Tracey was too tired. But she was coherent enough to know something is wrong. Suddenly, the lights went out, and there was a light shining on the spiral circle on the wall, which Tracey was facing. All of a sudden it started to in a clockwise motion, slowly at first, but picking up speed every 30 seconds or so.

"You are going to hypnotize her," said Cara with wide eyes."

"You get an A" said Dr. Almer. The circle continued to turn. Tracey tried not to look at it, but the being drugged and it was the only thing she could see, Tracey could not avoid it.

Suddenly, there was a voice outside the door. "Hello, Hello, is anyone here?" It was Marcy, dressed in a sweatshirt and jeans, looking for Tracey before she was going over to do some lighting in the theatre. Cara stuffed a cloth into Tracey's mouth, but it did not seem to bother Tracey.

"Keep up the treatment," said the Doctor. "John, get rid of her!"

John slipped out the door, "Hi, Tracey went to find Deanna. You just missed her. Five minutes ago... I will tell her when I see her that you are looking for her."

"OK," said Marcy, buying it. :"I'll be in the theatre, you can tell her that, thanks."

"No problem," John said, as he watched and made sure that Marcy left. John went back to the room. He did not want to miss a moment of seeing Tracey tied up in a miniskirt. (Neither does the author of the story, hee,hee). The wheel continued to turn. Tracey in her mind kept falling down, and down, a big hole. "I'm falling, help me, where am I," Tracey thought to herself, but she really did not know what to think.

After about 15 minutes, the wheel stopped. Tracey was in a trance. Leaning over in a gentle voice, Dr. Almy spoke into Tracey's ear. "You will do everything I tell you, and will not remember a thing. Every time you hear 'Angel' you will obey, understand?"

Tracey nodded her head, yes. "It will be my voice saying Angel, no one else. When you complete a task, you will be normal and will not remember a thing. Untie her, and put her in the chair in the office." John and Cara helped Tracey to the chair. "You will wake up, not remember a thing, except talking about the pageant. ANGEL! With that, Tracey woke up.

"Ok," said Tracey. "I'm glad you like my designs. Looking at her watch, ohmygod, I need to meet Deanna!"

Practice was about to end. But the adventure is just beginning.


Tracey rushed to the gym to meet up with Deanna. Practice was still underway, and the team was practicing their foul shots. Deanna was on the line, she had shot 12 foul shots in a row. Bending her knees, she released the ball with a snap of her wrists. Brick, as the ball bounced of the rim. "That's good for today girls," said the Coach. "You all look good. The season starts in four weeks. I am impressed with your first week of practice! Hit the showers!"

With that, the team headed for the locker room to change into their street clothes. Deanna emerged, now changed from her practice jersey and shorts, into back into a denim miniskirt and blouse. Marcy soon joined them. "Oh goodie," said Deanna. "Were you able to hear that voice?"

"Sorry," said Marcy. "I was running late, by the time I got to the meeting, it was over!"

Tracey looked at them like she could care less. "What do you care, it's just a stupid pageant!" Both girls looked at Tracey with a surprised look. "A bunch of girls dressing up, being something they are not, all fake!" Tracey scowled.

"What's gotten into you?" Asked a startled Deanna.

"Oh, nothin,' " said Tracey. "What do you care, you are the prettiest girl in school. I would have no chance to win!" Tracey now has a disappointed look on her face. The girls got into Deanna's care and drove to Deanna and Tracey's house.

"But Tracey, you are the costume designer, and the best! That's what you wanted to do!" Cried Deanna. Tracey thought for a moment, "Oh yea, I forgot."

Deanna looked at Tracey sensing something is wrong. Marcy had the same feeling.

"Hey," said Marcy, Aren't the contestants due to arrive today and tonight?"

"Yes," said Deanna. "We need to get ready too!" With that they drove into Deanna's driveway.


It is now late Friday afternoon, and some of the contestants would be meeting at Watertown High first, before they would drive out to the Watertown Hotel. Some want to get familiar with the theatre. Despite all of the delays building the set, the theatre is ready for the pageant. John and Cara were standing in the Dr. Almy's office. Cara was looking out the window and had a clear view of the well, lit parking lot. It is getting dark now, and the lights are on. A car pulled into the parking lot and stopped in a space. Out came a girl, with long dark hair, and a smile that would be every girl's dream. Standing at 5'5" she may be shorter than the usual beauty pageant contestant, but her girl next door looks make up for that! She was wearing a short faded denim skirt, white top with a western style vest, and sneakers. Her hair flowed with the short breeze that was blowing.
She was in shape, and walked with confidence but not conceited. Cara looked down at the portfolio of the contestants. "Oh, no," she thought. Cara's heart was sinking and her face was turning white as a ghost.

"What's the matter?" Asked John. He looked out the window. "Oh, what a babe!" Spotting the girl coming towards the building.

"Look," Cara said, pointing toward the girl's picture in the book. "She was not supposed to be here! I can't believe she is a contestant! I thought she..."

"What's the matter with you?" John interrupted. John looked down at the girl's picture. "Hmm, Erin Shein, from the west," talking out loud.

"Don't you know who she is?" Said Cara. "No, you lost me," said John.

"She is a famous snoop reporter who solved some famous cases in Texas! One, being a fake clothing counterfeit ring in her school! But she is a contestant who could easily beat me. I can't let that happen. We must get her out of the way!"

"We've kidnapped enough girls, we are pushing our luck," said John.

"Tying up a girl and leaving her to get free is one thing, but you're talking kidnapping her and holding her prisoner!"

"We can hold her here, in the back room. Almy doesn't need it now, and She won't care. She wants that stupid dress. I want to win this pageant. Is that bottle in her draw?"

John went over to desk and opened the bottom draw. He picked up a small brown bottle.

"Yep," he said. "You want to put her to sleep with this? Your'e nuts, ok, let's go!"

The two went down stairs to the first floor, and near the entrance of the theatre. Erin walked into the building looking for the theatre entrance, but took a wrong turn. She went down the other hall! Seeing this Cara and John raced back up the stairs ran down the hall, down the other stairs on the other side of the school to wait for her to come. Erin strolled down the hall, looking for the theatre entrance, but it was on the other side! John hid under the stairwell. Erin came closer, then stopped at the beginning of the other Hall, where there was nothing but classrooms. But the side entrance of the theatre was down this hall. Erin stared down the hall, wondering if she should go on, or go back. John looked at her, just a little closer, he thought. Cara was trying not to bite her nails.
Erin started to move, then stopped. John waited for his moment, then Erin started to walk down the hall. John jumped out and clamped the damp cloth over Erin's mouth and nose.
The smell to Erin was impossible to ignore, it smelt so good, "Mmphh..." Erin tried to cry out. But her eyes became heavy, her legs weak, and with in seconds she was asleep in John's arms. "Help me carry her upstairs, I know a better hiding place!" Said John.

John picked Erin up by the back of the shoulders and arms, and Cara carried her by her ankles, noticing she was wearing nice nylons. They quickly went upstairs to the teacher's lounge, which was locked. John, who had a master key, opened the door and went in. "They won't be using this room this weekend, this should keep her out of the way. They place Erin down on a cot. "We need some rope," said Cara. "I'll go get some."

"Do not forget a gag, she needs to be gagged," said John. Cara left the room and went back to the guidance counselors' office. She was back in a few minutes. They sat her down in a high backed chair, tied her hands behind her back, rope around her wrists three times and twice together. Then Cara tied Erin's ankles together, and then with another piece of nylon rope secured her legs to the cross bar. John wrapped rope around her chest four times, holding Erin firmly in the chair. Then Cara took a piece of rope and tied it three times around Erin's thighs and chair, being careful not to rip her nylons. A handkerchief was stuffed into her mouth, and then Erin was gagged cleave gag style with a white cloth, just enough to fill her mouth, but tight enough so it would not come loose. And of course our Villains were careful not to ruin Erin's hair. "That should hold her," said John. "Come on, let's get back to the office. We can check on her later!"
With that John and Cara went back to the Guidance Counselor's office.

Soon, Erin began to come to...


Deanna and Tracey went back to their house to get ready for the night's rehearsal.
Deanna sensed something was wrong with Tracey, but she did not want to push the issue, yet. Tracey came downstairs in a completely different outfit. Deanna's mouth dropped. "What are you wearing?" Asked a completely stunned Deanna. Tracey had changed into a black leather miniskirt, matching jacket, knee high black leather boots, and fish net stockings. Tracey looked at Deanna with a so what look. "What are you thinking, this isn't you?" Questioned Deanna.

"My new look, what do you care, Miss Beauty Pageant Contestant!" Tracey snapped.

Not wanting to start an argument, "Ok, chill, it's ok," said Deanna. "Let's get to the rehearsal. Both girls got into Deanna's car, and drove to Watertown High School.

Meanwhile Erin was coming out of the drug, which knocked her out. As her eyes opened, she realized that she was tied up! Ohmygosh! She thought. Erin tried to move her wrists, but they were bound tight. And the ropes that held her to the chair, which kept her nice and snug. Looking around, she realized that she was in a lounge. Nearby was a metal desk, with sharp edges. Erin wiggled and squirmed, twisted, and with a valiant effort, tried to loosen the ropes. "MMMphhhh....,MMMpphhh...." She tried to scream, hoping someone would hear her muted cries. But the gag was as tight as the ropes. Erin looked at the desk again. Maybe if I could just move this chair over... She thought. Using a rocking and twisting motion, Erin moved the chair at a turtle's pace towards the desk. First the front legs of the chair, then with a lifting motion moved the back. Soon, she was able to slide next to the desk. Erin moved her wrists up and down against the side of the desk, with some effort. The side of the desk was sharp enough to cut rope. Erin continued to work on her wrists, and after a few minutes, the rope broke. Erin untied herself, removing the ropes from her chest, legs, and ankles. Then she ripped off her gag, jumped up, and raced down to the theatre. Running towards the main doorway, she bumped into Deanna and Tracey, who had just arrived.

"Are you ok?" Asked Deanna.

"No," said Erin. "I was kidnapped on my way here, and left tied up in a room upstairs!"

"Ohmygod!" Exclaimed Deanna. "Are you all right?"

"I'm fine," said Erin. "But I want to find out who did this!

The girls went into the theatre, and told the story to the group that had assembled there. The contestants, the crew, and the Directors of the Pageant, including Dr. Almy, were there. The Show director, Connie Starr, wife of Maxwell Starr, tried to calm everyone, who is on edge. "Look, we will all stay together. Everyone get a partner, when we go to the hotel you will stay together. There is power in numbers, no one can hurt us if we stay together. I'll call the police."

"No, wait, they already know. I think we can solve this ourselves, if we keep our eyes open," said Deanna. Tracey gave her a funny look, and Cara looked at Deanna nervously.

"Ok," said Mrs. Starr, "but any more trouble, and they get called again! O.K. let's get this show on the road. I see you girls are wearing skirts. Good, I want you to get used to them on stage, you will get your regular costumes tomorrow. The Gold Dress is arriving tonight," looking at her watch, "in fact in the next hour." John, Cara, and Dr. Almy looked at each other secretly. "Come on girls, on the stage. This number is simple, not a lot of choreography, but you can learn it." There are 25 contestants, five from Watertown High and the rest from surrounding High Schools. They all were not going to let a few isolated incidents get to them, so the show must go on!


Soon a truck arrived with two couriers, holding a leather carrying case. Holding it up, they gave it to Mrs. Starr. Tracey looked at the case, and the girls stopped what they were doing to see what was inside. Mrs. Starr unzipped the case, and took out a beautiful long gown, the color of gold, once worn by Marilyn Monroe. Sighs and gasps of amazement could be heard all around. Dr. Almy's eyes got real wide. After they all gazed at it, Mrs. Starr put it back into the case and handed it to Tracey with a set of keys. "Here Miss Costume Designer, you know where to put this!" Tracey took the dress and left the theatre. John followed her, wanting to know where it is so they could pick the right moment to steal it. Deanna went with Tracey, who went up the stairs to the teachers lounge!

As they went in, they noticed the rope on the floor. "This must be where they tied up Erin?" Said Deanna.

"Who cares," said Tracey. "I have to lock up this stupid dress!" Tracey put it into a special closet, than locked it, and placed the key in her skirt pocket.

"What is wrong with you?" Demanded Deanna, now growing impatient.

"Get out of my face!" Yelled Tracey, and stormed out of the room.

Deanna just stood there in disbelief, with tears starting to well up in her eyes. There is something wrong with her, Deanna thought, and I am going to find out what it is!

Deanna got back to the theatre, with Tracey now on the other side! She was now talking to John and Cara. Suddenly, the lights went out, then there was a scream! The lights came back on. "Is everyone ok?" Asked Mrs. Starr. All of the girls said they were fine.

"Where is Cara?" said Dr. Almy. Everyone looked around the theatre. Cara was missing!


"Your're right," said Deanna. "Cara is missing! Let's go find her!"

"Ok, but let's stay in groups," said Mrs. Starr. The cast and crew broke up into groups of five. Deanna had Marcy, Erin Miller, Erin Shein, and Jessica Starr. But Tracey went with John and Dr. Almy! They searched the theatre, and the entire school.

Deanna's group walked down a hall and they stopped, "Wait, what's that?" asked Deanna. They could here a thumping sound.

"Looks like it is coming from the closet," said Erin Miller. They went up to the door. Opening it, "MMMphhhh...." There was Cara, white shirt, blue skirt, nylons, bound and gagged! Her hands were tied behind her back, her ankles tied with rope, and a red bandanna cleave gag was in her mouth.

Deanna removed Cara's gag. "Oh,, thank you!!!" Said Cara. "I thought I was a gonner."

"What happened?" Asked Deanna.

"Someone grabbed me from behind, clamped a hand over my mouth, took me to this closet, and tied me up. This person was wearing all black, I could not tell who it was!"

"Let's get back to the theatre," said Deanna. "We have a mystery to solve. It will be safer there, I hope!"


Deanna, Tracey and the rest went back to the theatre. "So, Cara, can you tell us anything at all about what happened?" Questioned a suspicious Deanna.

Cara looked at her, trying to hide the fact that she was nervous. Pausing for a second, "I don't know, but I think it was a girl. I was so scared, I don't know what to think!

They all sat down in the theatre seats. Everyone was accounted for. Deanna looked around for possible suspects. But little did they know that this was just a part of this evil plot.

"Ok, " said Mrs. Starr. "I think that is enough rehearsal for tonight. Everyone did a fantastic job! It's time for those who are staying at the hotel go there, and the rest to go home! We will resume with our activities tomorrow. Good night all!"

With that all of the contestants and crew got up to call it a night. Erin was staying at the hotel with other guests, The Watertown Students went to their houses. Deanna and Tracey drove home and went into their house.

"This is very strange," said Deanna to Tracey.

"No, not really," said Tracey. "Cara is just another girl to get kidnapped. Someone wants to scare all of us!"

"You may be right," said Deanna. "But I have a strange feeling about Cara. I do not trust her!" The two teen detectives got ready for bed.

Deanna put on her oversized dorm shirt, Tracey her usual satin pj's. Suddenly, Tracey's cell phone rang, "Hello," then a short pause. Then Tracey shut the phone off and stared out the window. Before Deanna could say anything, "Strange, wrong number!" Said Tracey. Deanna looked at her, shrugged it off and both girls went to bed. It was late, and after Deanna had fell asleep, Tracey slowly got up and out of bed, slipped on her skirt and top, kept on the white ankle socks she was wearing, and put on her sneakers. Being very quiet, Tracey tiptoed out of the bedroom, down the stairs and out the door.

There was a car waiting outside the Taylor household. It was a dark car, hard to see at night. Tracey went up to the car and got into the back seat.

"Good Tracey," said Dr. Almer, who was the driver! She drove to the school, and parked outside. "You know what to do, don't you sweetie!"

Tracey was now in a trance. Tracey got out of the car, went up to the back door behind the school. Pulling out keys that Tracey had to the school, she opened the door and went up to the second floor to the teachers lounge. She opened the door with a master key, and went right in. Slowly she moved towards the closet, opened the door, and took out the Gold Dress! Flipping it over her arm, she turned and went back out the lounge door, closed it, and went back downstairs to the waiting car with Dr. Almer in it. Almer spotted Tracey, and smiled when she noticed what Tracey was carrying. Tracey got to the car and handed the dress to Dr. Almer. "Good Tracey, nice job! Now let's go home!"

They drove back to the Taylor house. "Now Tracey, you will not remember a thing. Now, go to bed and get a nice sleep!" With that Tracey went back into the Taylor house, being so quiet, no one heard her. She changed back into her P.J's and fell fast asleep.


"Deanna, Tracey, wake up!" Said Deanna's Mom. It was 7:00 in the morning.

Groggily, "What's up," said Deanna. "It's too early to get up!"

"Come on girls, you need to go down stairs. You had better get dressed!"

Tracey slowly woke up and rose from bed. The girls put on their denim skirts and tees and went down stairs. Deanna and Tracey were surprised to see two Police Officers sitting on the couch. And in a lounge chair, was a Plain Clothes Detective. The Officers stood up when they saw the girls. Deacon Taylor Sr., Deanna's father was also there, and he did not look happy.

"What's going on?" Asked Deanna.

"There's some trouble," said Mr. Taylor. "I'll let the Detective explain."

"There was an alarm tripped last night at the school," said the Detective. "Upon investigation we discovered that the Gold Dress that is going to be used for the Pageant has been stolen!"

"My God," exclaimed Tracey. "Do you want us to help you find it?" Tracey looked at the 50 year old Detective who looks like an older George Clooney.

"You are Tracey," asked the Detective.

"Yes," said Tracey. "Why do you ask?"

"We have you on videotape stealing the Dress. Would you like to tell us what you did with it?" Tracey looked at him, completely stunned. Deanna's mouth and jaw dropped open.

"I, I did not steal the dress, I was here all last night!" Cried Tracey.

"Sorry, but the tape is clear, you need to come down to the station and answer some questions. Where are your parents?" Tracey was unable to speak.

"Tracey's parents are in Iraq. We are her temporary guardians for now." Said Mr. Taylor, who just happens to be an attorney. "Do not worry, let's go down to the station and get to the bottom of this!"

One of the officers got out some handcuffs, "That won't be necessary," said the Detective. The Detective knew the Taylor's well, as well as Deanna and Tracey's reputations. But he is forced to do his duty. The officers got into their cars, and Deanna, her father, and Tracey into Mr. Taylor's car and they drove to the Police Station.


There they went up the stairs and into the station. The Taylors and Tracey were instructed to go into an interview room, where the Detective was there, and Mrs. Starr!

There was also a TV and a VCR. "Sit down," said the Detective. "You know your rights!" He pushed "play" on the VCR, and they watched the tape of Tracey stealing the dress.

Tracey did not know what to say! "I don't remember doing this, I was asleep last night! Honest, you have to believe me, I don't remember stealing the dress. I wouldn't do such a thing." Tears started running down her face.

"I would not believe it myself, but that is you on the tape," said Mrs. Starr.

"I did not steal the dress, I do not remember what happened last night!" Cried Tracey, who was on the verge of sobbing.

"Were you drinking or doing any drugs last night?" Asked the Detective.

"No, No," said Tracey. "I don't drink or do drugs! I know this looks bad, but I don't remember stealing the dress!" Everyone looked at Tracey.

"Do you remember the phone call you got last night?" Asked Deanna.

"No," said Tracey. "What phone call are you talking about. The last thing I remember is getting home from the rehearsal and going to bed!"

"Tracey got a phone call on her cell phone last night, it was very strange. After Tracey turned it off, she looked like she just saw a ghost, but after that, we went to bed." Said Deanna. "Something is fishy. Ever since the meeting with Dr. Almer, Tracey hasn't been the same, I have noticed a change in her."

"Who is this Dr. Almer," Asked the Detective.

"Oh, she is the Guidance Counselor." Said Mrs. Starr. "She has a PhD, in psychology. I believe she is into hypnosis, hmmm."

"You don't suppose Dr. Almer hypnotized Tracey somehow, to get her to steal the dress?" Asked Deanna. They all paused for a moment.

The Detective looked at Tracey, and then Mr. Taylor. "You know, this story is not far fetched. But we need evidence."

"Look," said Mrs. Starr. "I believe Tracey would not do such a thing on her own."

"Give us a chance to clear her, we will get your evidence," said Deanna.

"I believe Tracey. She is incapable of doing anything wrong, let alone stealing!" The Detective looked at Tracey, then Deanna.

"All right, I will keep this under wraps for now, but we will check out this Dr. Almer. But we will need your help. Tracey is not in the clear yet. We will need to find this dress. I will release her into the custody of Mr. Taylor, because he is a personal friend. But, you have through the weekend, ok?"

"This is all right with me, I believe Tracey too! But we need to find that dress before tomorrow night!" Said Mrs. Starr. "Ok then, you girls need to get ready for the day's events, yes?"

"Thank you," said Tracey. "Don't worry, we will find it, won't we Deanna?"

"No worries," said Deanna. "You can count on us!"

"Be sure to let the Officers know if you find anything out, but be careful young ladies, got it?" A stern Mr. Taylor said.

"Got it Dad," said Deanna, who is now smiling. "Let's get to work!"


Back at the Watertown Hotel, the girls who would be a part of the pageant began to arrive at the hotel or come out of their rooms for those who were guests there. In the morning there would be a gathering on the beach at the side of the lake. Even though it is early fall the weather is perfect for a beach day. And this would be the only time the girls would be in swimsuits or casual shorts. There were two lifeguards on duty, a boy and a girl from Watertown High School. Alexis Lane, or Alex for short, is the star catcher on the Watertown High softball team. At 5’9” and 150, she is as tough as some of the boys on the football team. She has medium length brown hair, brown eyes, and you can tell she works out. Alex is also a midfielder on the Soccer team, and she is one of the teams leading scorers. (lookalike: Buffy’s Faith with shorter hair).
Alex was wearing red shorts and a white lifeguard tee shirt over her bathing suit, and sneakers. From their perch on top of a high life guard chair, the lifeguards could see everything around the lake beach area.
Alex, looking out her binoculars, spotted two girls strolling down the other side of the beach, nearing a building, where clothes used to be made. The building will eventually be torn down when the hotel is expanded.

Heather and April, (see profile pick at Teen D for appearance and outfits) were visiting for the weekend at the hotel, and decided to venture out and do some exploring. “What’s that?” Asked Heather, spotting a van backing up to the old building.

“Strange, this building has not been used for years,” said April. “Let’s look and see what they are doing!”

“Cool, you want to snoop!” Said Heather, as excited as April. The two snoopers raced up to the building, unaware that the lifeguard could see them and what danger was about to fall on them.
They peered through the window. Heather stood on a wooden crate so the two 13 year olds could get a better look. They could see two men carrying boxes, and another holding a traveling carrying case for suits, that was zipped up. “We will hide the here, for now,” said one of the men. “The plane will be landing here tomorrow night, during the pageant. No one will notice!” The men were laughing. “How much is Almer paying us?”

“Enough,” said the other man. Suddenly, there was a cracking noise, the sound of wood breaking. The crate that Heather was standing on,snapped. The men did not panic, one of them snuck out the door and went around the side of the building and spotted the two snoopers. He slowly walked up to them, and grabbed them from behind, putting each hand over the two girls mouths. Heather and April kicked and tried to scream, but they were no match for the 6’2” thug. He dragged them into the building.

“Hmm, what have we here? Two snoopers, do you know what I do to snoopers?” The man looked at the two frightened girls. “Tie them up, and I have an idea for them. One of the other guys got some rope and bandannas out of the van. The girl’s hands were tied behind their backs, and ankles tied together. He cleave- gagged Heather and April with blue bandannas, “Mmphhh…” The girls tried to say, but they were effectively bound. “Bring them to this room,” pointed the ringleader. They dragged the two girls over to a vat of dye, over it was a large hook, Heather and April’s hands were re-tied above their heads, then bound together back to back with another long piece of rope. They were placed on the hook, and lifted above the vat. The man programmed a timer, which soon would lower the girls into a vat of dye! “There, that should teach you to meddle in our business!”

Heather and April began to wiggle and squirm, and their desperate mews for help could not be heard, and they tried to scream through their gags.

“Why don’t we just shoot them?” Asked a thug.

“Two reasons, one, we do not have a gun, and two, this is more exciting!” Snarled the ringleader. “Come on, let’s get out of here! The girl’s, dangling over the vat, looked at them in horror!


While all of this was going on Alex saw the girls go into the building, but from the distance she was looking she could not tell if anything was wrong. “I saw two girls go into that building, I think they are guests. They should know better not to go near there. “I am going to check it out.”

“Ok, said the other lifeguard, “but be careful.”

With that Alex got down from the chair and raced to the building. She went inside seeing nothing, until she heard a noise. “Oh no, another one,” said the third thug who just returned from the van. He tried to grab Alex, but Alex hauled off and punched him in the face. He went down. Hearing this the other two thugs ran out of the room and tried to grab Alex as well. She tried to run. All three of them grabbed her and forced her on the floor. Alex, being strong was all they could handle. They force her hands behind her back, stuffed a bandanna in her mouth, tied it securely with another one, and then hog-tied with two pieces of rope. This tough 18- year old could not move. She vehemently struggled, but to no avail.

“What do we do with her?” Asked one of the thugs.

“Bring her to the other room with the others, and we will take care of her too! They dragged Alex to the other room, and laid her on the floor. “Leave her there, we will give her the same treatment after these two are gone! Come on, we need to collect the rest of the stuff!” With that the thugs left the room.

Heather and April knew they had to think fast. The crane started to lower them towards the vat, ever so slow. Heather had an idea. She started to try to swing from the hook, April, quickly caught on. They swung like a pendulum back and forth, as they got lower Heather’s feet caught the side of the vat, and with one motion they swung themselves off the hook, jumped off the side of the vat, and into a pile of foam. But they still had one problem. They were still gagged and bound to each other! Alex let out a sigh of relief knowing that they were all right, but they still could not escape! The thugs heard the commotion and went back into the room, spotting the two snoopers now lying in the foam.

“Bring me those chairs!” One of the thugs brought the chairs over, one for all three snoopers! The three girls were placed in the high backed chairs, and were retied, hands behind their backs, ropes around their chests and arms, a rope around their thighs, and ankles tied to the crossbars. “We will keep them prisoners for now and deal with them later!” Said the ringleader. He walked up to Heather, put his hand on her chin, and looked at the gagged girl. “Very smart, but stupid! We will have to deal with you in a different way!” He began to laugh. And the others joined in!

Happy Snooping!
From Deanna and Tracey

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May 20 06 12:58 AM

Chapter 23 to end


Deanna, Tracey, and Erin rushed up to the building, and peered inside a window. It just happened to be the room where the other girls were left tied up. “There’s the missing lifeguard, with two young middle schoolers,” said Deanna. “Quick, let’s sneak inside!” The teen sleuths snuck around the building and spotted a side door. Deanna turned the handle, and it opened!

“Be careful, this looks too easy,” a cautious Tracey added. The girls went through the door, which was a side entrance to the main building. They moved about the hall, very cautiously and being very careful not to make a noise.

“I think it’s this room,” said Erin, pointing to a door. They crept up to the door, and turned the knob, and peered inside as the door squeaked. Erin was right, there were the three bound and gagged girls, struggling for all their might to get loose.

Deanna, Tracey and Erin rushed up to them and removed their gags. “Be careful,” said Alex. “I think they are coming back!” SLAM, the door suddenly closed tight. Tracey ran up to the door, it would not open! Tracey yanked and yanked, and tried to twist the knob, but it was no use! After the girls were untied, Deanna looked for a way out, but there was none! This was a old storeroom, full of crates and boxes, but only a window that was way out of reach. The room had a 15-foot ceiling, and the window was out of reach!

“What do we do now?” Asked Erin. Deanna looked at her, and then at the boxes.

“I have an idea, help me for a minute…”

Meanwhile, back at the hotel, Dr. Almer and John Hammond were talking in Dr. Almer’s room. Knock, Knock, Knock, Dr. Almer opened the door, and there was the head thug from the building. “The trap has been set. And I have just been informed we have some bonus packages.” The thug, who happens to be Dr. Almer’s brother Lance, walked into the room but did not close the door all of the way…

Marcy, wearing a J.T. Max denim miniskirt, blue and white rugby blouse, and striped knee socks just happened to be walking by the room looking for a friend, when she heard the voices…She went up to the door and listened in…

“Great,” said Almer, “What packages do you say?”

“Those snoops Deanna and Tracey and her friend. The KT bomb should take care of them!” Marcy gasps! Startled, the Almers looked up. Quickly, Lance jumped for the door and opened it, and Marcy fell in! In a flash he grabbed her and covered her mouth with her hand. “Mmmphhh, Mmpph…” Marcy tried to scream. Lance picked her up and through her down on the bed. “Quick, find some rope and let’s tie her up!”

John rushed out of the room, and in a few moments returned with a coil of nylon rope. Lance tied Marcy’s hands behind her back, with hands crossed, Then her ankles together, and for good measure he wrapped rope around her knees and her arms and chest, four times each. Lance stuffed a handkerchief into Marcy’s mouth, and then cleave gagged her with a scarf that was in the draw. A muffled voice was all that came out of Marcy’s gagged mouth. Mary thought, “Oh no, not again!”

“Come on, we need to get to the airport, Grab that dress!” Dr. Almer ordered.

“But what about Cara?” Asked John.

“To hell with her, she can stay and win this stupid pageant. We have to get out of here before the bomb goes off!” Said Lance. The bound and gagged Marcy stared at them in amazement, and with fright.

“What about her?” Asked John.

“She can stay tied up in that little skirt, by the time someone finds her, we will be off to the Caribbean!” Snarled Dr. Almer.

“Where’s the bomb?” Asked John.

“In a box marked KT,” said Lance.

“Quiet, let’s go,” Dr. Almer ordered. And with that the three crooks grabbed the dress, closed the door, and headed for their car.


Marcy watched in horror as the crooks left the room. “What am I going to do?” Tears began to form in Marcy’s eyes. She tried valiantly to loosen the ropes that bound her. Lying on the bed, she was tied so tight. The ropes began to hurt her. She got an idea.
Wiggling down, she dropped her feet to floor, and sat upright on the side of the bed. Turning her body so her hands were near the phone, which was next to the bed. Standing up, she picked up the receiver and placed it on the bed, and using her index finger, dialed Deanna’s cell phone. As it rang, she fell down on the bed, so her gagged mouth would be near the speaker part of the phone handle…

Deanna’s cell phone rings… “Of course, my phone!” Said Deanna as she said “Hello, we need help!”

“Mmphhh, Mphhh,” Very muffled, “Bomb, KT Bomb,” Marcy tried to say.

“Hello, who is this?” Deanna realized that the girl talking on the phone is gagged. “Keep talking…”

“Bomb, KT Bomb, mmphh…” cried a gagged Marcy.

“What is it?” Asked Tracey.

“This sounds like Marcy, I think she is gagged, trying to say Bomb, KT Bomb!”

“Hold on Marcy, is that you?”

Muffled: “Yes, Yes, it’s me! KT Bomb!”

“Something about a KT bomb, I think,” said Deanna.

“Yes, Yes,” Marcy tried to say.

Deanna looked around. There was a box marked “KT.” “Look,” as Deanna rushed over the box.

“Be careful,” Said Tracey, as the other girls looked on in awe.

Deanna carefully opened the box. “It is a BOMB! And it’s set to go off in five minutes! Quick, all of you hide behind those boxes over there,” Deanna ordered.

Deanna quickly looked at her phone, realizing Marcy is at the hotel. “ I will send help Marcy, hang on!” With that Deanna turned off the phone and handed it to Tracey. “Call 911, now!”

“Get behind the boxes with us,” said Tracey.

“No, no time. Deanna reached into the box. She looked at the bomb, and there was a timer on it. A black, white, and green wire was attached to sticks of dynamite. “Which one do I choose? If I pick the wrong one, we blow up!” Deanna thought. The clock was winding down, “Ok, here it goes Deanna reached for a wire and pulled it…


Deanna, as her hand began to shake, tugged at a wire. “Black must be the hot wire,” she thought. “I know green is ground…” Deanna stared at the wires. The clock was winding down, under a minute. The timer began to beep with each second that ticked off.

“Ok, here it goes,” Deanna pulled the black wire off the terminal on which it was connected. Closing her eyes, the beeping stopped! Deanna opened her eyes, and the timer had stopped at 45 seconds. Letting out a big sigh of relief, “I think it’s stopped,” Deanna exclaimed.

“Think, or know,” asked Tracey?

“It’s stopped. You can come out now, I think we are safe.” The other girls came out from behind the boxes. They too were also relieved. A word of thanks and high fives went around. Just then sirens could be heard. And within a few minutes the door burst open and the police had arrived. The bomb squad was with them. An officer looked at the bomb, “good work, it was a simple device but this would have blown the roof off!
I’ve seen this kind of bomb before. It has been featured in a famous detective magazine!

Now tell us what happened!”

Deanna and the girls explained everything, described the thugs, and told them to get to the airport. “Oh, Marcy,” said Deanna. She looked at her cell phone, she is at the hotel!”

Deanna, Tracey and Erin raced to the hotel. The other girls went back the beach area.

Marcy continued to struggle on the bed, as Cara walked in. “What have we here?” Asked Cara. She looked at the tied up Marcy. “I love your knee socks, that must be very uncomfortable tied up like this.” Marcy looked up at her and gave an evil glare.

“I should untie you, but hmm,” she paused. “But you look so cute in that outfit.” Cara paused, again. “Ok, I’ll untie you.” With that Cara slowly untied Marcy’s hands, then her feet, and then the rest of the ropes. Marcy pulled out her own gag.

“Thanks a lot,” Marcy said sarcastically. Just then Deanna and Tracey who had been searching rooms came to this one. Marcy spotting them,

“Oh, you are ok, thank god!” Said Marcy. “I thought you were gonners!”

“We’re ok,” said Deanna. “Thanks to you!” Deanna and Marcy hugged each other, while Cara thought this was disgusting.

“Almer and her crew are on the way to the airport, She’s got the dress!” Said Marcy.

Deanna picked up her cell phone and called the Lieutenant. “Hi, Dr. Almer is headed for the airport too, she’s got the dress! Marcy knows, I’ll explain later…hmm,hmm…

"Ok, thanks. He says they will pick her up. The officers have already arrested the thugs from the building. It seems that they are wanted on other charges, they were easy to spot.”

“Hey,” said Marcy. “We’ve got to get ready for the pageant!”

“She’s right,” said Tracey. “You are supposed to be on the beach for pictures!”

“Ok, said Deanna. “Let’s go…


It was now Sunday afternoon, as Deanna and Tracey got ready for the night’s activities. Deanna had put on the afternoon outfit, the JT Max miniskirt and polo shirt, which all the girls were wearing, most with different colors to match their hair. Deanna had blue and white, blue skirt, blue and white stripes on the shirt, and of course the Nike sneakers. They have dressier clothes for the opening, and there singing number in the show.

Deanna was checking out the outfit in the mirror. “Why do we have to go through with this, Almer is in jail, and they got dress back!”

“You can’t back out now,” said Tracey. “You could win!”

Deanna looked at her like she was about to go to the dentist to have a filling with no novocaine. “Nylons, tights, or Knee socks?” Deanna said trying to stall.

“One of the judges has a knee sock fetish, wear knee socks now. Tonight you will be changing into nylons!” Said Tracey. “I want you to win, you are the prettiest girl in the school,” said Tracey.

Deanna retorted, “No, you are. You should be doing this.”

Tracey, now blushing, “I have go check on tonight’s costumes. I’ll meet you at the theatre.” Tracey left to go to the school.

Deanna finished dressing and picked up her notes for the pageant. She went down stairs and there was a knock at the door. It was Cara, wearing the same outfit but she had red and white for her colors. “Hi Cara, what’s up?” Asked Deanna.

Cara, not saying a word, pulled out a damp cloth. “I want you!” said Cara. She tried to clamp the cloth over Deanna’s mouth, but Deanna struggled back. They both fell to the floor wrestling, Deanna trying to keep the cloth away from her mouth, and Cara trying to force it on her. The two mini-skirted girls wrestled for all their worth. Deanna slipped for a second, just enough for Cara to get the cloth near Deanna’s nose. Deanna began to weaken from the affects, which of course made Cara stronger. Finally Cara clamped the cloth over Deanna’s nose and mouth, and that was enough. Deanna could not keep her eyes open any more, and was soon sound asleep. “Finally, now what to do.”

But just then, Amy, Deanna’s sister ran down stairs after hearing the commotion. Amy, wearing a denim miniskirt, tee, and white ankle socks did not see Deanna lying on the floor. Amy did not see her because of the couch that was in the way of her sight. Cara looked at her in stunned disbelief. She did not expect Amy to be there.

“I thought you were at the cheerleading clinic!”

“That’s next week,” said Amy. “Where’s Deanna?”

“Right here, come look!” Cara said as she stepped back. Amy went around the couch and shrieked when she saw Deanna, unconscious and lying on the floor. That gave Cara the spit second she needed to clamp the cloth over Amy’s mouth. The fifteen- year old slowly sank to the floor. Cara dragged Amy up to a bedroom, guessing it was hers she laid her on the bed. “I’ve got to find some rope,” she thought. She searched the house and found some in a closet. Cara raced back up to the bedroom, she tied Amy’s hands behind her back, hands crossed. Then she tied her ankles together. And then she tied an anchor rope around her chest and arms. Ripping a sheet into three strips, she stuffed a wad into Amy’s mouth, cleave gagged her and blindfolded her as well. Then Cara dragged the now tied up Amy and put her into the closet, laying her down on her side, and closed the door. “By the time someone finds you, “I will have won the pageant!” Snickered Cara.

With that Cara went down stairs, picked up Deanna by the shoulders and dragged her to Cara’s waiting car. They drove to the school, and Cara parked in back. “I’ve got to find a place to hide you! With you out of the way,” I can win the pageant!” Being careful not to be seen, Cara dragged Deanna to the nurses’ office. She reached into her pocket and pulled out some keys. “I knew Almer was good for something. Too bad she got caught. At least she’s not a snitch,” referring to Almer, who did not squeal on Cara about Tracey’s kidnapping. Cara dragged Deanna, who was beginning to wake up, into the office. She picked up some medical tape, and taped Deanna’s wrists to the arms of the office chair, with several turns. Then she wrapped tape around Deanna’s ankles, and then to the cross bar of the chair. Looking at Deanna’ chest, she ripped off the tape, it had that ripping sound wrapped it all away around Deanna’s stomach and the back of the chair, about six times. “Now for the gag,” she stuffed a handkerchief into Deanna’s mouth, and then wrapped the white tape around her mouth and the back of her head, under Deanna’s hair.
Cara could not help noticing that Deanna’s skirt had receded up past mid thigh, showing off her gorgeous legs. Cara stepped back, “You are the only one with legs nicer than me,” said Cara. “I’d better put some tape around your waist, too, which she did.

“Mmmphhh…” Deanna began to come out of the drug. Cara stared at her.

Deanna slowly came too, and realized she could not move! “Mmmphhh…”

“I am so…sorry sweetheart,” said Cara. Deanna looked up at her. “You are my main competition. I have to win this pageant.” Deanna struggled in the chair, a heavy wooden oak chair. “Mmphhh…”

“Sorry, You look so cute all tied up, and we have on nice outfits, don’t we?” Cara chuckled. Cara looked at the clock, “Oh, oh, I had better get going. I am sorry you are going to miss the pageant. Nice skirt, ta taa!” And with that, Cara closed the door and went the theatre.


Deanna gazed at Cara as the door closed behind her. She tried to loosen the tape that bound her, but it was no use! Deanna was Cara’s prisoner!

At the same time Amy had woken up, but bound, gagged, and blindfolded she did not realize that she was in her own closet. She tried screaming, but to no avail! Nothing but muted sounds came from her mouth. Amy lifted her tied legs to try to bang on the door, but with only socks on that did not make much noise. She twisted and turned for all her might to loosen the ropes, but she could not get loose? She thought, “why is it in all of my sister’s stories, no one escapes?” She knew her parents would be home sometime, but would they go to the pageant first?

At the theatre the girls were gathering to get ready for the pageant. It would start in two hours. “Where’s Deanna?” Asked Tracey. “She should have been here a half an hour ago!” Erin Shein, looking so stunning in her navy blue jacket, short skirt, white blouse and tan nylons, (not the cheap kind), was dressed as a student reporter.

“I am getting worried too, have you called her house?” Said Erin S.

“Yes,” said Tracey. “There was no answer. I figured she was on her way?”

“Maybe I should go to her house and make sure something isn’t wrong.” Said Erin S.

“Ok,” said Tracey. All of the other girls agreed, including Mrs. Starr.

Cara seeing this, realizing that she could find Amy, slipped out the side door and waited for Erin to come out of the theatre. Erin did so and closed the heavy door behind her.

“Erin, quick follow me, I know where Deanna is!” Said Cara, motioning down the hall.

Erin looked at her strangely, “Why didn’t you say something before?” Asked Erin.

“Do you want to find her or what?” Said Cara. Erin reluctantly followed her.

“That is a nice suit,” said Cara. That skirt is perfect for you. You look so professional,” Cara thinking of things to butter Erin up so she would trust her.

“Thanks,” said Erin, “What do you know about Deanna?” Erin was suspicious, but she played along. “I think she does know something!” Erin thought to herself.

Now the doctor’s office is on the other end of the building, out of sight from the theatre. The two girls got to the door, “Now, are you ready?” asked Cara. She opened the door, “Mmphhhh…” Deanna tried to say.

“Deanna, what happened…” before she could finish, thump, Cara hit Erin over the head with a book. Erin slumped to the floor. Cara quickly dragged Erin over to another chair, this one a high back with no arms. Cara grabbed the medical tape, tied Erin’s hands behind her back, ankles too, and tape around her chest and the back of the chair like Deanna. Then she ripped tape over Erin’s thighs and under the chair, about four times, around her legs at the hem of Erin’s skirt. Then Cara gagged her the same way as Deanna. “Ok Deanna, you have company! Oh, by the way, sorry about your nylons, that tape will probably ruin them. Oh well, bye bye…” Cara waved goodbye and closed the door.

Erin slowly came to, her head hurt a little, but she was ok. She is a tough girl, pretty, but no wimp. Erin looked at Deanna, and Deanna looked at Erin. How are they going to get out of this mess, and get to the pageant on time?

*Written mostly by Tracey…


Deanna and Erin twisted and wiggled and tried everything they could to loosen the tape that bound them. “Mmmphh…” Deanna groaned. Erin looked at her with a ‘What are we going to do now?’ Look. Deanna motioned with her head for Erin to look what was on the table. It was a letter opener. Erin upon seeing the metal object on the table realized what Deanna wanted. Erin was tied to a lighter chair with no arms so it would be easier for her to move.

Erin with a twisting and hopping motion moved the chair slowly towards the table. The sticky tape held her fast to the chair. Finally she managed to stand enough to grab letter opener. She fell back to the sitting position, and using the same motion moved towards Deanna. This took a few minutes, but Erin finally got next to Deanna. By leaning forward as much as she could, Erin was able to use the letter opener to saw through the tape on Deanna’s right wrist. After a minute or two, the tape broke apart!
Deanna’s hand was free. That was enough for her to untie the other wrist and soon Deanna was free. Deanna removed the tape from her mouth. “Finally, You did it!” Said Deanna to Erin, as Deanna cut Erin’s wrists loose. But the tape ripped Erin’s nylons.

“These nylons cost $6,” Erin cried. “I can’t wait to get her!”

“Come on, there is no time for vanity. We have got to catch Cara!” Deanna said as she pulled at Erin to come with her. The girls raced down to the theatre as fast as they could.

The pageant was scheduled to begin in an hour! The two girls swung the doors open and rushed into the theatre. The contestants and the crew for the show were all meeting to go over the last details, before the show starts.


Everyone looked up in stunned amazement, especially Cara, who looked like she had just seen a ghost, or had just come from a Pink concert. Deanna and Erin raced over an prevented Cara from getting out of her seat.

“Where have you been?” Asked an irritated but relieved Tracey.

“We’ve been a little tied up, thanks to Cara!” Deanna pointed at her.

Cara’s face dropped, unable to speak. “She kidnapped us, and left us tied up in the nurse’s office!” Said Deanna.

“That’s right,” said Erin. “Look at my nylons, which now had run in them because of the tape.

“Were you in this the whole time?” Questioned Deanna. “We’re you trying to steal the dress too?”

Marcy looked at Cara. “She is the right size of the ones who kidnapped me!” Cried Marcy.

“Well, if I am going down, so are you JOHN!” Cara yelled, unable to contain herself.

Mrs. Starr, while this was going on, called 911 on her cell phone. John, looking as stunned as Cara, tried to get up and run, but the guys on the crew stopped him. Marcy’s boyfriend was about to pound him, “Stop,” said Mrs. Starr. “The police are on the way!”

Shortly the police arrived. Upon hearing the whole story, Cara and John were led away.
“Ok, everyone,” said Mrs. Starr. “We have a show to do. Are you up to it Deanna?”

Deanna gave her a “do I have to look?” Tracey prodded Deanna, like yes dude!


Dr. Almer and her henchman went to jail. Tracey was cleared of the charges. Cara and John were sent to special counseling. Deanna’s parents, and Amy, who they found tied up in her closet, arrived at the Pageant. Deacon Taylor, Deanna’s older brother had flown in from California from a story he was doing, just to be here. The Show went off with no problems, with Tracey’s costumes, Marcy’s lighting, and Mrs. Starr’s directions. Finally it was the big moment for the judges to announce the winner…

And the winner is… Well, you know!


Author’s note:
Special thanks to Saurum, Erin S, Heather, April, Lauren A, Katie, and of course Tracey, for your inspiration, and ideas.
Love, Deanna

Happy Snooping!
From Deanna and Tracey

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