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The Missing Cousin Mystery
By: Deanna and Tracey


"It's good to be back home," Tracey said, as she got dressed for school. "And with Lauren back where she belongs, Watertown should be safer now."

"You've got that right," said Deanna yawning as she rose from bed. "But Benson is still on the loose as well as that Madame M character. She's very dangerous too. Heather and April have their hands full trying to catch her! Hey, guess what, you get to meet my cousin today after school!"

"Oh, the one who just moved here, didn't she have some trouble with her babysitter's club?" Tracey replied as she combed her long dark hair.

"That's right, and for that she has started her own detectives club. Lisa asked me to help her out with it. Since we don't meet until next week, she asked me to come to her school and meet her friends. You can come too if you wish."

"I wouldn't miss it," said Tracey. The girls finished dressing and went down to breakfast and then on to school...

At the St. John's School, 15 year old Lisa Taylor was adjusting her collar in the mirror that was hanging on the inside of her locker door, when her new best friend Michele MacMahon strolled up to her. "Hey," said Michele. "Did you see the two new foreign exchange students?"

"The two from Japan," said Lisa. "Yes, I did. I met them already walking into the school this morning. They are very nice and want to join us at the Detective Club meeting. And I love their outfits. They get to wear their own school uniforms. I love the sailor style." (And so do the authors, lol). Lisa closed her locker door. "It seems they belong to their own teen detective club back in Japan and want to see how we do things here in America. It should be fun."

Lisa and Michelle gathered their books and went to class. The meeting is going to be held on the theatre stage, which is located at the end of the gym. The school is too small to have its own theatre, so the gym doubles as the school's theater and sports events.

School had ended for the day and the new St. John's Girls' Detective Club came to order on the stage. Lisa and Michele are there, with Lindsay Loman, Renee Oldstead, Jamie Speers, Hillary Dugan, and Carrie Yeaton, all wearing their St. John's uniforms. (White blouses, blue cardigan sweaters, blue pleated miniskirts, blue knee socks.)
"Hi everyone," said Lisa. "My cousin will be here soon. But let me introduce you to my new friends, Sayoko Maraise, and her sister Lin-Li.

"Hi, nice to meet you," said 16 year-old Sayoko. She was about 5'8," long jet- black straight hair past her shoulders, and beautiful brown eyes. Her sister Lin-Li is 15 years old with the same black hair but the length just grazed her shoulder. Both girls are dressed in white blouses, red scarves, dark gray pleated miniskirts, white knee socks and sneakers.

After the introductions were done, Deanna and Tracey arrived. Deanna is wearing a pullover ribbed red turtleneck top, red plaid skirt and black nylons. Tracey has on her black sweater, short denim skirt, argyle knee socks and leather boots.

"Hey this is my cousin Deanna and her friend Tracey. They are going to help us with the club. They are part of the Detective Club at Watertown High." Lisa said.

"Wow, you two look alike," said Renee comparing Deanna and Lisa.

"What are we going to do today?" Michele asked.

After all the introductions were done, Lisa went over to the side of the stage and pulled back a curtain revealing an open wing on stage left. On the floor are some mats used for tumbling and somersaults. On top of the mats are coils of rope.

“You know, since we had so much trouble with Laura at our babysitters club, I thought we could practice escaping from villains!” Lisa said.

“Like, being tied up again?” Renee questioned. “That gag messed up my hair the last time. And we’re still in our uniforms, shouldn’t we change?”

“Good points,” said Lisa. “But there are no boys around and villains don’t care what we are wearing. We must be prepared for anything. Now, who wants to go first?” Lisa looked around. No one was answering, yet. “Anyone…?”

“I’ll go first,” said Sayoko. “I know some techniques for escaping. Why don’t we try, ah what you say, the basics first?” Sayoko went to the mat and lied down on it, being very careful that her very short skirt stayed in its proper place. Sayoko placed her hands behind her back. “Ok, I’m ready!”

Deanna looked at Tracey, “do you want to do it?” Tracey picked up some rope and went over to Sayoko. Tracey tied her wrists together, three turns around each wrist, and three times around both wrists, finishing with a tight square knot. Then she bound her ankles together in the same way.

“Hog tie me,” said Sayoko. Tracey stared at her. “Come on…” Sayoko is taunting her now. Tracey took another piece of rope and tied it around her ankles, lifting them up to almost meeting Sayoko’s wrists. Tracey finished tying up Sayoko, who is tied tight. Sayoko started to wiggle around and twist her wrists, and within a minute she was free!

All of the girls gasped in amazement. “How did you do that?” An astonished Michele said.

“I’m most impressed,” said Deanna.

Lin-Li had a broad smile on her face. “This is nothing. Watch this! Tracey, tie us both up now.” Lin-Li lay down beside her sister. “And gag and blindfold us as well!” Tracey did so as she requested, re-tying Sayoko and tying Lin-Li. Both the Japanese girls lay on the mat, hands tied tightly behind their backs and their ankles tied. This time Tracey put rope around their chests and arms, and tied their knees together, just above the kneecaps. Lisa gagged and blindfolded both of them with white cloth, the gags cleave-style. Of course Lisa did her best not to mess up the girls’ gorgeous hair, but they did not mind. The two bound girls started communicating with groans through their gags. All of a sudden they rolled themselves back to back and started working on each other’s bonds. Again, within less then two minutes they were free! The girls again were stunned with amazement.

Sayoko sat up and removed her gag and blindfold. As she untied her ankles she said, “I bet you girls would like to know how we do this?” They all nodded their heads yes.
“Well, when you are first tied up you try to tense your muscles real tight. And then when you are finished being tied you can relax. But what if you’ve been knocked out? Well this technique is you feel how you’ve been tied, and relax and twist slowly the ropes, then moving a little faster. It should stretch just enough and your wrists should slide through. What’s important is to relax!”

“I want to try!” Renee said. “Tie me up!” Now all of the girls were getting into this.

“Let’s try the chair,” said Tracey. Renee sat down in the high back chair that was there and put her hands behind her. Tracey tied Renee’s hands together. And then rope around her ankles tying them to the crossbar. Then an anchor rope around her chest and arms, five times. And finally a rope was added across her thighs at the front of the hem of her skirt. Renee was bound tightly to the chair!

“Let’s gag her,” said her best friend Jamie. “Let me…” Jamie took another piece of white cloth and shoved it into Renee’s mouth.

“You’re loving this, aren’t you…mmmmphhh,” as the gag went in. Jamie tied it behind Renee’s thick red hair. Renee twisted and turned in the chair, but she was not having much luck getting loose. In the meantime Hillary was tied to a wooden post that holds the loft up. She too was gagged. Sayoko looked at both girls. “You didn’t relax enough. Here turn your wrists.” Both girls struggled in vain, but they were not getting loose! While this was going on Deanna and Tracey went over some of their techniques for escaping villains, like showing the file that Tracey keeps in a secret pocket under the hem of her skirt. And what to do if a villain catches you always look for a way or a chance to escape by knowing your surroundings. Well, Renee finally untied herself, but it took almost a half an hour! The rest of the girls practiced too and learned a lot from the Japanese girls as well.

The meeting ended with the girls walking out of school to go home. Deanna drove Lisa and Michelle home with the rest going home with their parents. But know one noticed a gray van lurking on a side street near the school. The windows were dark and of course there were no back or side windows. The driver is talking on a cell phone;
“Hey, it’s Gaston. Yeah, I think I can do the job tomorrow. She went home with her cousin today but that’s unusual.” There is a pause. “Yeah, that Jap chick may be with her too. If she is, I’ll grab her too!” Pause again, “No problem Mr. Benson. I’ll be in touch!” Hanging up the cell phone Gaston broke into an evil laughter…


Benson hung up the phone. He looked at his surroundings, an old office in a run down building on the edge of Watertown. It used to be a recording studio, dance hall, and a factory where old vinyl records were made. But the failure of the disco craze in the late 1970's and early 80's and the invention of the compact disc put the company out of business leaving a building that has been abandoned for about 10 years now. Just then a girl with long black hair walked into the room.

"Hello Missy," smiled Benson. "Did I tell you how much you look like Buffy's Cordelia?"

"Oh Warner," blushing, "You always know what to say. I love my new outfit!" She is wearing a white blouse, sleeveless pullover light blue sweater, and a navy blue cheerleader miniskirt. "I never thought I would look so good in denim."

"Hey girl, you'd look good in anything." Benson exclaimed. "Are you ready for tomorrow?"

"Of course, they don't suspect a thing! She should be easy to break out. I paid off a staffer just like you said. No problem! Once I'm in the door, I don on that cute candy striper uniform and wah-la! She'll be mine! But one thing worries me though, if I get caught while I'm on probation?" Missy said in a worried voice.

"No problem sweetie, once we have all of our cash Madame has promised to get us out of the country. And you can wear all of the pretty dresses you want!" Benson smiled with a reassuring voice. "And with Michael doing his part, the plan will be underway!
Until tomorrow then!"

The next day arrived with all of the girls going to school unaware of the impending fate that could become of them. And the day ended with no incidents. (That sound you heard was all the villains saying, "Oh shucks!") But Missy arrived at the Watertown Correctional Facility for Juveniles. The WCF as it's called is a minimum-security facility for teens 13 to 21 for non-violent crimes. Their goal is to rehabilitate young kids and return them to society. Also there is a psychiatric unit present to treat kids with mental problems and/or drug use. Missy knocked on a service door of that wing. The door opened and a young man in his early 20's opened the door. "Hi there, I've been expecting you," he said slyly. "Just call me Ted."

"Ok, Ted," said Missy.

Missy went into the door and followed him down a hall. This hall is used for an emergency exit and at the end are two doors. One is a storeroom and the other opens the psyche wing.

"Wait in here," Ted said as he opened the storeroom door. "You will find what you need, wait 15 minutes, the hall will be clear and you can go to room 4a. Got it, and you never saw me?"

"Who?" Missy smiled as Ted left the room and closed the door. Missy turned and spotted a candy-striper outfit laid out on a chair with a pair of white tights and white shoes. Missy changed into the outfit and noticed the hem was only knee-length. "This dress is not short enough!" She said out loud. "I hate it when the author is practical," she thought to herself. Missy pulled out a plastic bag with a rag in it and stuffed it into the dress pocket. Missy waited the fifteen minutes and went out the door. She felt some keys jingling in her other pocket. She used one key to let herself through the wing door. The other was labeled "4A." She crept down the hall. At the end is a nurses' station but 4A is well before that. She opened the door of Room 4A and let herself in.

"Who are you?" The inhabitant asked. "I've never seen you before?"

Missy smiled at the girl with the dark hair. "And you must be Laura! Don't worry, you'll be going with me shortly." Laura smiled back at her. Missy checked her watch. "The real miss goodie two-shoes candy striper girl should be here any moment,"

"For therapy," snapped Laura in a sarcastic voice. "And you got that right. She makes me puke. Her in her little dress and cute white shoes!" Laura is making a face as she says this. Just then a sound of the door unlocking could be heard. Missy jumped behind the door as it opened.

"Hello sweet one," a brunette girl with a huge smile walked in. (She looks like the actress Peyton List, formerly of the soap opera As the World Turns.) "Are you ready for our session?"

"Yes I am, Lucie!" Laura smiled. And with that Missy jumped from behind the door and clamped the damp cloth over Lucie's mouth and nose. Within seconds Lucie's eyes fluttered, rolled back and her eyelids closed into a deep slumber as she sank into Missy's arms. Missy guided her onto the bed and placed her on it.

"Come on let's go," said Missy. "She'll be asleep for a while."

"No, we've got to tie her up," said Laura.

"It's not necessary!" said Missy...

"Yes it is," Laura interrupted her. "We've got to tie her up!" There is a sense of urgency in Laura's voice.

"Ok," said Missy. "But hurry, we don't have much time!" The two girls tore up a bed sheet into several strips. Missy bound Lucie's hands behind her back while Laura tied Lucie's white stocking clad legs. Missy looked at Laura in amazement. "You look like you are enjoying this and you've done this before!" Laura smiled back at her again as she added a strip of cloth around Lucie's thighs just below the hem of her dress.

"I want to gag her!" Said Laura as she stuffed a wad of cloth into Lucie's mouth and tied another one between her teeth cleave-gag style. "There, that should hold you!"

"Come on," said Missy. "Let's go!" Missy opened the door with her key and peeked down the hall. Since Missy had the same features Lucie has, no one noticed Missy leading Laura down the hall. They ducked out the side door and through the service entrance out to Missy's car. They opened the doors and jumped in and Missy drove off quickly.

"You were smart enough to park away from this place so to get away from the security cameras. I'm impressed!" Laura commented.

"You seem pretty bright, are you smarter than your sister?" Missy said.

Laura laughs. "Lauren is back in her joint now. I thought she'd be back here but they sent her to Redfield. Yes, I'm smarter than my sister is, I'm with you now right? Speaking of why are you busting me out of this joint."

"Funny you should ask," said Missy. "My boss needs someone for a mission. But first we must give you a new makeover since you will be a new student at Watertown High!"

'Huh?" Laura replied. "What do you mean? And who is your boss?"

"Questions, questions, that's not important right now. It's important that you do what you're told. Or you could end up back in the as you say, joint!"

"No problem," said Laura. "That place sucks. I'll do anything you want!"

Missy's cell phone started to ring. "Hello, oh hi Michael."

"You've got her now?" Gaston said.

"Yes, we're on the way back to the hideout. I'll give her the makeover then. And you?" Missy asked.

"I'm sitting outside the Taylor house now. You should see this place! It's a large house complete with a swimming pool and tennis court in the back yard. Lisa and one of her Jap friends have just walked in. It looks like I got to grab them both. I'll see ya back at the hideout."

Lisa put her books down on the coffee table in front of the couch in the living room. Lin-Li followed suit. "So," said Lin-Li, "Tell me the story about how you were taken prisoner by that babysitter?" (Read; The Babysitter Bandit, by Deanna Taylor.) "Oh," said Lin-Li. "And she kept you all tied up in the basement?"

"Yes," said Lisa as she adjusted her skirt when she sat down. "We were all drugged and did not stand a chance. We had to trick Laura into capturing her ourselves."
A crashing noise could be heard in the kitchen. "I'll be right back." Lisa stood up and went out into the hall and through the doorway into the kitchen. Everything looked normal in this modern kitchen that is connected to a dining room. Lisa went into the dining room and looked out the big picture window that oversees the front yard. Out on the street is the gray van that Lisa had seen before around her school. "Lin-Li, could you come in here?" There was no answer. "Lin-Li, Lin-Li," Lisa called out again. She turned and went back into living room and shrieked. Lin-Li was lying face down on the couch sound asleep. She is still wearing her sailor style uniform. Lisa started to move towards her but it was too late. Lisa is grabbed from behind while a sweet smelling cloth is clamped over her face. "Mmmphhh..." Lisa tried to struggle. Shaking back and forth but with fluttering eyes she slowly sinks to the floor as Gaston let her slide to the floor.

"Just call me the Chloroform Villain," Gaston chuckled. He looked at Lin-Li. "Do I tie you up and leave you here honey?" He picked up Lisa and carried her to the van. Then he went back into the house. "No, I can't leave any witnesses. But I can leave this!" He picked up Lin-Li and carried her to the van and laid her down beside the sleeping Lisa. Sorry, no OTS carries, their skirts are too short! Taking four pieces of nylon rope, he bound their hands behind their backs and tied their ankles together. "Just a precaution ladies, no gags and blindfolds will be necessary for you right now. I'm going to keep you both drugged!"

Gaston laughed as he got behind the wheel and drove off to the old building on the outskirts of Watertown.


School had ended for the day when Deanna walked through her door, dropped her books on the couch and slumped down beside them. Tracey was running late at cheering practice when the phone rings.

"Hello," said Deanna picking up the receiver. "Oh, hi Sayoko. Thanks for yesterday," pause, "What? No, I've not talked to Lisa today." Deanna looked at her watch. "I'm sure Lin-Li will call you." Deanna paused again, "Yeah call me if you hear anything. Bye."
Deanna hung up the phone and kicked off her shoes. She smoothed out her skirt after picking up her Algebra book. "Homework time," she sighed. The phone rings again.
"Hello, oh Hi Uncle Don. How are you?" "No, Lisa's not here now. I haven't talked to her since yesterday." Pause again, "Maybe she's at the mall with her new friend Lin-Li the exchange student from Japan. Her sister is looking for her too." Pause again. "Sorry, but call me if you hear anything." Deanna hung up the phone again. She re-opened her Algebra book and started to do her homework. (a + b)(a - b) = just then Tracey entered through the front door. She is dressed in a Dragon tee and her blue cheerleader practice shorts. Her hair is tied back into a ponytail.

"Hi Dee," said Tracey. "Miss me?" Tracey could not stop from chuckling.

"How was practice?" Deanna asked, “are you ready for the big game this weekend?"

"Yes," said Tracey. "The Redfield Knights, we should win. How's the homework coming? I did mine in study hall."

Deanna frowned. "I hate algebra. I like language arts. Creative writing and cool stuff like that! Hey, you know my uncle called here earlier. It seems Lisa is missing. She wasn't there when he got home. He sounded worried."

"A fifteen year old not home after school," said Tracey. "She's probably at the library or the mall or something."

"No, it's not like Lisa not to be where she says she is going to be. She's a schedule hawk. Always on time and always where she says she'll be. And get this, remember the girl Sayoko we met yesterday?"

"Oh yes, those beautiful Japanese girls," Tracey said.

"Well Sayoko called me today. It seems Lin-Li is missing too. She's supposed to be with Lisa. Sayoko sounded worried too. I've got a bad feeling about this." Deanna looked at her watch. "It's time for the 5:00 news." Deanna picked up the remote and turned on WATR-TV Channel 5 News.

Anchor: "Our top story tonight, an escape from the Watertown Girl's Correctional Facility, Deacon Taylor reporting live on the scene with this exclusive... Deacon?"

"Thank you John, Officials have informed channel 5 that 15 year old Laura Smith (photo showing on the screen,) has escaped from this facility earlier today. Staff members found her room empty and after a search of the building found another staff member bound and gagged in a storeroom in an emergency exit hallway. The authorities are looking over video picked up by the security cameras to search for clues. They have been unable to identify a person disguised as the staff member who was found tied up in that storeroom. Laura Smith, sister of the Lauren Smith who has been convicted of kidnapping and other charges has been missing since 2pm this Afternoon. She is considered to be extremely dangerous and the police are asking help from the public for any information they can give...

Tracey, who had started to go up stairs stopped to listen to the story as well. "Wow, what next their sister Lynn will be corrupted as well?" Lynn Smith is the 10- year old sister of Laura and Lauren who is now in foster care in the neighboring town of East Chester...

"I think Laura can be as dangerous as Lauren. Something about that family, they're demented. I feel sorry for them. Their Father is in jail and who knows where the mother is. Lynn is in the care of social services and hopefully she will not end up like her sisters." Deanna said with a look of concern on her face.

Just then Deacon Taylor Sr. walked in the front door from work. The 6' 5" 50 year old executive is Chairman of the Board of Taylor Enterprises with his brother Donald (Uncle Don) as President. "Hi girls," said Mr. Taylor. "I heard Junior's report on the radio." (He is the only one that calls my brother Junior, and he's the only one who can and lives to tell about it, lol.) "I called Don and he says Lisa is missing?"

"I'm thinking the same thing you are Daddy," said Deanna. "Laura escaping and Lisa missing is making me nervous! Maybe we should go see Uncle Don and Aunt Carol?"

Mr. Taylor shook his head, yes. "Me too, Mr. Taylor. Let me go change!" Tracey said as she raced up the stairs. In no time she changed into another tee and a pair of jeans and sneakers.

Mr. Taylor's cell phone rings. "Hello, Hi Don. Ok, we'll be right over. That was Don and he sounds worried. He wants us to go over to his house." Tracey and Deanna got into Deanna's Father's car, a 2004 Grand Cherokee. He can afford a Lexxus or a Mercedes and live in the ritzy part of town where Uncle Don lives but he prefers to live a humble lifestyle. Not that our section of town is nice, which it is. But he does not want success to go to his head. "It keeps my head on, I can think more clearly," he says.

It's only a fifteen- minute drive over to Don's house. Carol's Mercedes is parked outside of the three- car garage that is connected to the house.

"Aunt Carol must be home," Deanna said out loud. They went into the house and Don and Carol Taylor were in the living room. They looked stunned.

"What's wrong?" Deacon Taylor asked. Donald Taylor is a veteran and Deanna has never seen him look so scared. And it looked like Carol had been crying.

"I found this on the floor," said Don. He held up a note and gave it to his brother. He held it with a handkerchief and then showed it to Deanna.

"We have your daughter and her oriental friend.
Do not call the police. Wait for instructions.
Remember if you want to see your daughter again,
do NOT call the police!"

Deanna looked at the note, "Lisa's been kidnapped?" She asked in an equally stunned voice. Then Deanna noticed that the paper is faded and yellowish in color. "This is old stationary." She looked at it further. Just then the front doorbell rang.

"I'll get it," said Tracey. She went to the front door. Tracey opened the door and standing there is Sayoko still wearing her school uniform. "Hi, Sayoko," Tracey said awkwardly and not really knowing what to say.

"May I come in?" Sayoko asked. "I've got a sense that something is wrong." Deanna's Father poked his head outside the living room. "Oh, hi Sayoko, please come in!"

"You know her Daddy?" Asked Deanna as Tracey and Sayoko came into the living room.

"Yes, I'll tell you later," said Mr. Taylor. "You should see this too." He showed the note to Sayoko.

Saying something in Japanese, then English, "They've got Lin-Li too."

"We should call the police," said Tracey. She reached for the phone. But Deacon Taylor stopped her.

"In time Tracey, in time, don't worry the authorities will handle this. Sayoko, could you do me a favor and drive my daughter and her friend home?"

"I want to wait here..." Deanna interrupted.

"No problem sir," said Sayoko. "Besides we have things to talk about. Come on girls!" Sayoko motioned to the door.

"Ok," said Deanna reluctantly. "But call us if you hear anything?" Both the Taylor men shook their heads in agreement.

Deanna, Tracey, and Sayoko went outside to Sayoko's car, a brand new dark blue Ford Taurus, a four-door sedan. In the center of the car are a computer screen, a cell phone and a radio system. Deanna thought to herself, What’s a high school girl from Japan doing with all of this stuff? Sayoko could sense that Deanna and Tracey are very curious.

"I bet you girls are wondering what all this fancy equipment is, yes? And do you like my outfit?" Sayoko asked as they started to drive to Deanna's house. "How old do you think I am?" Sayoko prodded them.

"Seventeen," Deanna responded.

"I agree," said Tracey. "You look seventeen."

Sayoko smiled. I'm 22 years old. But Lin-Li who is 15 is my sister. She is the real exchange student. My government and yours are trying to track down two international criminals, a Warner Benson from your country and a woman who goes by the code-name in our country as Madame Mitsuki."

"Principal Benson?" Deanna said. "We're after him too. And who is this Madame Mitsuki, and who are you really?"

"I work for the National Police of Japan. I am in your country with the cooperation of the U.S. government. We have reason to believe they have set up their organization here in Watertown. We traced them through a place called Danniver Beach. And of course my sister was supposed to protect your cousin in case anything happens. I'm undercover as a Japanese schoolgirl. This uniform was mine when I really went to school. It still fits!" Sayoko said with a serious smile on her face."

"My Uncle Don who works with my Father actually is a member of InterPol," said Deanna. "Now I understand why my Father and he were acting so strange. Can we work together? I know Benson. He won't hurt anyone. But this Madame Mitsuki, who is she?"

"We believe she hired him to help with a smuggling ring that connects all over the world. You have a friend called Penelope from the U.K.? And a friend called Elaine from France?" They are all working with us. And we could use your help too!"

"Madame Mitsuki, Madame M.," said Tracey. "Could they be the same?"

"They've got to be. But why would they want to kidnap Lisa?" Deanna asked. She paused for a moment, “for ransom, maybe a cash flow problem? They must think my uncle is rich! They have no idea that he works for InterPol. And is my Father involved too?"

"I can't say that for sure, you should ask him yourself?" Sayoko said as they pulled into the Taylor driveway.

"Would you like to stay with us?" Deanna asked. "I've got a sneaky suspicion that my parents won't mind."

"Sure," said Sayoko. "That hotel is getting stuffy. This will keep me out of sight. The crooks have no idea I'm here and you would be in no danger here."

"Not here," smiled Deanna. "But I noticed something on that ransom note, a faded logo. Perhaps from an old company, let's go to my computer and see if we can find out what it is. Maybe it will give us a clue!" The three girls got out of Sayoko's car and went up to Deanna and Tracey's room...


Gaston drove away from the Donald Taylor house on his way to the hideout. He looked back at the two sleeping girls as they lay in the back of the van. He played with the tuner trying to find a radio station to listen to some music. I Will Survive, by Gloria Gaynor was playing. "This music sucks..." he muttered to himself as he pushed the tuning button in search of some decent music, "but then disco wasn't so bad, wasn't it?" He turned into the parking lot that is showing signs of age, cracked pavement, and weeds growing through the cracks and in obvious disrepair. He drove up to a service entrance door. The big metal door creaked and rattled as it opened. Gaston pushed on the gas and drove the van into the warehouse. The big door closed behind them. "Thanks Harrington," Gaston said as he got out of the van. He brushed off his jeans and pulled open the side door of the van, "time to bring our two prizes inside!" Gaston picked up Lisa and Harrington, an ex-con who spent time in the Watertown State Prison, grabbed Lin-Li and the two hoods scurried to a make shift bedroom near the old office. There they laid the two sleeping girls on single cots face down with their hands still tied behind their backs and feet tied together. Benson walked in smiling.

"Good work Gaston, I knew I could count on you! But your work is not finished as you know!"

"That's right boss! The plan is just beginning!" Gaston chuckled back. "They don't call me The Chloro-Villain for nothing!"

"For what I'm paying you it's more than nothing," Benson said. "It's too bad I didn't know these girls before. They would have been perfect for my old business. If they give you any trouble, gag and blindfold them. But for now your chloroform will do. It's now time to execute the next part of the plan!" Benson left the room and went back to the old office.

Deanna, Tracey, and Sayoko gathered around Deanna's computer in the bedroom. "The logo on the paper," said Tracey. "What is it?"

Deanna looked up at her friend. "It was a faded outline of a Kabuki Mask. Kabuki Theater was invented in Japan in the 1600's. Mostly for the entertainment of commoners, the theatre soon evolved into elaborate costumes and masks. Kabuki Theatre is alive and well in Japan today. Right Sayoko? And maybe you can tell us more?"

"You're very close Deanna and good observation. A Kabuki mask from the 1700's disappeared from a museum in Kyoto in the early 1900's. It's a mask for a female..."

"In the early days female roles were played by men, something about honor? Women were forbidden to be in the theatre?" Deanna asked.

"Right again Deanna, this women's mask appeared again before World War II, then disappeared from sight again. Rumors had it that it was stolen by soldiers and hidden away until the war ended."

"Japanese or American," Tracey questioned.

"No one knows," said Sayoko. "It was believed to be smuggled out of Japan, through Russia to France, then to the U.K. and then to America, here in Watertown and then to a place called Danniver Beach, or vice versa. "That's why I'm here to find that mask, capture Madame Mitsuko and return them back to Japan where they belong!"

"Do you think the crooks are after that mask?" Tracey asked.

"The mask you mention has valuable gemstones in it. The mask is worth a fortune just for the stones alone." Sayoko said.

"And I wouldn't put it past me for the crooks to remove those stones and desecrate the mask," added Deanna sadly.

"Enough to finance their smuggling ring for years!" Sayoko said.

"Madame M and Benson, that's what they are looking for. Deanna continued, “You know there’s a Kabuki exhibit in the Watertown Museum and one in the Danniver Museum as well."

"And theatre is big at Weatherby too!" Tracey chimed in. "If France is connected our friend Elaine in the library could help us!

And I'll call Heather in Danniver as well. She wants to get Madame M. Heather and her friends can investigate down there, while we are busy here." Deanna said.

"So you think this Madame M from Japan and Madame M from Danniver Beach is one in the same?" Tracey asked. Sayoko nodded her head yes. "But what's this got to do with your cousin?"

"My Uncle must be working on this case. He must have something they want. Tomorrow we've got to go over to his house and find out what it is. Why don't we meet at the High School after school and then we'll go snooping! Who's with me?" Deanna said with excitement. Both Tracey and a smiling Sayoko raised their hands. "Until tomorrow then..."


Soon after Gaston had driven into the building with his “goods” Missy and Laura pulled into the parking lot right behind them. Laura looked up at the faded sign. “The Ocsid Company,” she said. “This building looks like it hasn’t been used for a long time.”

“Yes I know, not very good for my clothes,” said the conceited Missy. “Rumor has that there used to be a theatre here years ago.” Missy pulled into the same service bay that Gaston did. They watched as the two unconscious girls were carried out of the van. Laura immediately recognized Lisa.

“Wow, they kidnapped her?” Laura could hardly contain herself. “I want revenge on…”

Before she could finish Missy interrupted her. “You won’t have time. The Mr. Benson wants you for something. Come on, follow me.” Both girls got out of the car and went down the same hall as the others but turned into a different room. In this room is a makeshift makeup mirror with a sink, a professional theatre makeup kit, and some clothes. Laura looked at these items with awe and wondered what was going on. “Sit down,” said Missy. “ It’s time for your makeover,” as she started to wash Laura’s hair. Then she cut Laura’s hair with some hair cutting scissors that you would find in a beauty salon. Then Missy applied a hair dye that made Laura’s hair turn from black to a dark auburn color. A little blow- drying and, “Well, what do you think?”

Laura looked into the mirror in stunned astonishment. “I, I, look like Dora the Explorer!” Laura cried.

“Cute, eh?” Missy said with glee. “Here put on this outfit!” The outfit is a black turtleneck top with a knee-length denim skirt that Laura reluctantly put on. “Come on, let’s go show Warner.” The two girls went out of the room and down to the old office were Benson was sitting at a desk.

Upon seeing the two girls, Benson was most impressed. “Good work Missy, I knew I could count on you!” Benson praised them.

“What do you want me to do sir,” said Laura. “And thank you for getting me out of that place.”

“Call me Warner, not sir. Sir is for good guys!” Benson laughed. “As for what I want, here look at this.” Warner hands Laura a snapshot of the Bikini Snoopers.

“Who are they?” Laura asked curiously.

“Those are the two girls you are going to be spying on in Danniver Beach.” Benson said. “The Madame as asked me to recruit a girl about their age to spy on them, someone not from Danniver. You will be a new student at the private school in Danniver. Madame assures me that those two girls are going to be spending a week there. Your job is to keep an eye on them and report to Madame any suspicious activity.”

Laura could not contain herself. “Am I going to get to tie these girls up in those bikinis?” Laura asked.

“Maybe and no,” said Missy. “You might get to tie them up, but they will have their clothes on. Something about the author of this story prefers that girls keep their clothes on. I like that!” Of course Missy is into high fashion.

“So, where am I going?” Laura asked.

“To Danniver Beach,” said Benson. “You will be staying with a couple that owns a clothing store there, any questions?”

“No, this sounds like fun,” said Laura. “When do I leave?”

“Right now,” said Missy. “I’ll drive you to the airport.” With that the two girls left the office and move on to The Kabuki Mask.

The next morning the Deanna, Tracey, and Sayoko awoke after a restless night. They gathered again around Deanna’s computer. “So Sayoko, what’s this all about?” Deanna asked.

“We think the Kabuki Mask that we are looking for is hidden somewhere in Danniver Beach or Watertown. Now the original thieves who stole the mask hid it in such a good place that they made a map so they could find it later. This we learned from questioning some old convicts from the past. But somehow both the map and the mask are missing. We are following a trail I told you about last night.”

“So you need the map to find the mask?” Tracey said hoping Sayoko would say yes.

“How do you say, right on?” Sayoko said. “There was no trust among thieves so the map is essential. We believe the map is in Watertown. That was the last place it could be traced. Your Uncle Donald has also been on the trail of this map too. If we can find the map and mask, we can capture the Madame and her cohorts, and bust the smuggling ring that has been plaguing are countries for some time.”

“That’s why Lisa was kidnapped,” said Deanna. “They must think Uncle Don has the map, or could get it. Then trade her for it. We should go talk to him and what about Lin-Li?”

“As I said last night, Lin-Li is the real exchange student. She is a junior member of the National Police. She can take care of herself. Trust me its good that she was kidnapped with Lisa. We’ll get them back, I promise. I’ve got to get to St. John’s. I can meet you after school. I still have to maintain my role there so no one gets suspicious. The Madame has spies everywhere, so we must be careful!” The three girls got dressed, Sayoko in her school uniform, Deanna in a short-sleeve collared white blouse, blue corduroy miniskirt with blue knee socks and her trademark Nike’s. Tracey chose a blouse, gray sweater, black miniskirt and tan nylons. They rushed down stairs where Mrs. Taylor and Deanna’s sister Amy were sitting at the kitchen table.

“Breakfast girls,” said Marcia Taylor who once was a head cheerleader and beauty queen who still looks great in her late forties.

“We’ll get something at school mom,” said Deanna. “We gotta go!” The girls rushed out the door and drove to the Donald Taylor house. “There on another case,” again said Amy.

Deanna drove into the Taylor driveway after dropping Sayoko off at St. John’s. Deanna and Tracey went up to the door and rang the bell. Her Uncle answered the door. It was obvious that he was up all night. “Hi girls, come on in,” he motioned.

“The map,” said Deanna. “Have you got the map?”

Donald sighed. “Sayoko told you, didn’t she? No, I don’t have it.” Of course Donald knows his niece. “If you find it call me young lady, got it? It’s a matter of life and death.”

“Of course Uncle,” said Deanna. “We are going to go snooping after school.”

“Which you should be leaving, there is nothing you can do here now. I’ll call you when I need you, ok?” Donald Taylor’s voice started to crack. But he is doing a good job of hiding his feelings.

“You can count on us Mr. Taylor,” said Tracey.

“Thanks Tracey, I know.” Donald said as he hugged the two girls. “Call me if you find anything out!” Deanna and Tracey turned and went out the door and left for school.
Donald’s wife Carol came into the room. “You didn’t tell the girls about the phone call?” She asked.

“No need to worry them now,” said Donald. “All we can do is wait and hope the FBI finds something.”

As Deanna drove back to Watertown High, “I’ve never seen my Uncle look so scared.” Tears started to well up in Deanna’s eyes.

Tracey, who knows Deanna better than anybody put her hand on Deanna’s shoulder. Tracey with that serious look that she means business, “We’ll find her… We WILL find her, I promise.”

Back at the Ocsid Building Benson and Gaston were talking in the office. “I knew I could count on you,” said Benson. “You do good work.”

“Does he have the map?” Gaston inquired.

“No, he said he doesn’t and I believe him, which is ok because Deanna and Tracey are going to lead us to it.” Benson chucked.

Gaston smiled, “Does this mean more work for me?”

“Yes, but only if they have the map,” Benson looked at his watch. “They should be arriving at their lockers now…” Benson turned on a receiver that was sitting on the desk. Noises of kids in a hall could be heard.

“What’s that?” Gaston asked.

“I have a bug placed in Deanna’s locker. I still have a key to the building you know. Girls hang around their lockers and chat. And Missy is watching them too. They should lead us to the map. They listened as Deanna and Tracey opened their lockers.

“So where do we go first,” said Tracey.

“Over to Weatherby first,” said Deanna. “They have that Kabuki exhibit in their theatre wing. I’ll call Elaine and we can go over to talk to her. Her vast knowledge as a librarian will be most helpful. And then we’ll go over to the museum.”

“I’d love to see that Kabuki exhibit too. Some artifacts date back to the 1700’s,” said Tracey. The bell rings, “Time for class.”

Upon hearing this, “I think you should get over to Weatherby and check out this Elaine. Their day ends before Watertown’s, so it should give you time. Be careful!” Said Benson.

“I’m on it Boss,” said Gaston. “Come on Harrington, let’s go!”


Gaston and Harrington drove off in the van towards the Weatherby School of Watertown. (Read The Mystery at Weatherby School) "Got the stuff?" Gaston asked.

"Enough to put 20 girls to sleep if necessary," Harrington chuckled. "And plenty of rope too if we need it. You know, little girls should be kept quiet, that's why I keep a gag handy."

"You're awesome baby," said Gaston. The van neared the Weatherby School. "I'm going to park in the darkness so no one will spot us. I think we'd better go in covert. Have you got the masks just in case?" Harrington pulled out two purple spandex masks. "Spandex, I hate spandex, makes me itch!" Gaston complained. He parked the van on an off road behind the campus. The two goons got out and moved quietly through the woods. Harrington wore a backpack to carry the stuff. Being late Friday afternoon the campus is usually quiet at this time. Gaston and Harrington moved around the library building. It is made of brick like all the buildings at Weatherby. Gaston is plenty tall enough to peer through a side window. This window was the only one with the curtains open. It is near the main desk and far enough away so the sun can't shine on the books and ruin them. Standing next to the desk is a girl wearing a purple velvet mini-dress with matching opaque purple tights. And nearby is her best friend. (Elaine and Jo from The Mystery at Weatherby School). Jo is wearing her Weatherby uniform, a white blouse and gray mini-skirt, blue opaque tights and MJ's. Seated at a table reading books are two other girls, one with dark hair and the other blonde. Both girls were wearing white blouses, gray mini-skirts and blue knee socks. They had their backs to Elaine and Jo. Elaine and Jo are speaking in French. Gaston slipped into the front door and ducked out of sight avoiding the unsuspecting girls. Harrington soon followed and hid behind a long draped curtain. One of the girls stood up and went over to the rows of books and moved out of sight. Elaine said something in French to Jo again and went into a room connected to the library.

Wooshh... at the same time Gaston grabbed Elaine and Harrington grabbed the girl with dark hair and together they clamped the chloroform soaked rags over their faces and mouths. "Mmmmph, Mmmppphhh," They tried to cry out. Together the two girls from Weatherby fell to the floor in a sound slumber. Gaston quickly went after the other girl who was in an aisle. Grabbing her from behind he clamped the damp cloth over her nose and mouth too. "MMMMmmmmmpphhhh...." Instantly she fell asleep.

"Guard the door," Gaston whispered now wearing the mask. "If anyone else comes in, you know what to do.

Gaston slipped into the room where Elaine was standing over a desk. She was looking at a book when he grabs her from behind. Clamping a hand over her mouth, "We've got your friends, obey or they're toast!"

"Mmphh," Elaine protested.

"Will you be good?" Gaston asked. Elaine shook her head yes. Gaston quickly bound Elaine's hands behind her back with a piece of a soft white nylon rope. "You know honey I like to put my victim's asleep. But I need some information. He tied a white cloth around Elaine's mouth into a detective style gag. "This should keep you quiet enough so you can't shout and talk to me. Gaston went out of the room and dragged the other three girls one by one, laid them face down on the floor with their hands together behind their backs. Harrington is still keeping watch. Elaine could only watch in horror as her friends were laid down side by side on the carpeted floor. Gaston tied each girl up with the same soft nylon rope, hands together and ankles together. He stuffed rolled up cloths into each girl's mouth, and then tied a white cloth this time cleave style around their heads.

"Now," said Gaston, "show me all you got on this Kabaki, Kabiki, or whatever this Jap theatre is!"

Muffled, "Kabuki," Elaine tried to say under her gag. She walked out of the room towards the theatre section of the library. Despite her hands are tied behind her back she motioned with her head the books where placed on the shelves. Gaston motioned to Harrington to stay by the door in case anyone else enters the library. He started to fumble through the books looking for a map, any map but to no avail. After checking all the books on the Kabuki theatre for any type of clues he turned back to Elaine. "Have you got anything else on this Kabuki? Hidden boxes, closets, you know." Elaine shook her head, no. A frustrated Gaston grabbed Elaine by the elbow and dragged her back to the other girls who are tied up on the floor and still asleep. He forced her down on her stomach and bound her ankles together with some more rope. He then replaced the cloth around her mouth from a detective style to a cleave style tightening the knot behind Elaine's head. "Come on let's go," said Gaston after closing the door behind them. "Let's get to museum and see what we can find out!" Harrington and Gaston raced to their van and drove off to the Watertown Museum.


School had just ended at Watertown High when Sayoko drove into the parking lot and picked up Deanna and Tracey. "Where do you want to go first?"

"Hi Sayoko," said Deanna. "My friend Erin is doing some research for us. I think we should go to Weatherby and talk to Elaine." They drove into the Weatherby library parking lot. It is virtually empty on this late Friday afternoon. A security guard is walking his rounds spotted the three girls. He recognized Deanna and Tracey and waved

as to say hi. Deanna waved back and with Tracey and Sayoko they went into the library.
The entire library is deserted! "Strange," said Deanna. "There is no one here and the door is still unlocked." Checking her watch, "It should not be closed for another thirty minutes!" They looked around. Tracey noticed that in the theatre section some books were out of place and in disarray.

"Look," said Tracey, "all the books on Kabuki." Tracey looked over the messy shelves. "As if someone was going through these and did not care to put them back neatly!"

"I sense something is wrong," said Sayoko, "very wrong indeed." The girls gathered around the main desk. "Do you hear that?" Deanna asked in a low voice.

"Hear what?" said Tracey.

"Listen," said Deanna. The faint sounds of moaning and groaning are emanating from the side door. "It's coming from here," said Deanna. She rushed over to the door and opened it. "Mmmphhh, Mmmmphhh," The four bound and gagged girls tried to scream through their cloth filled mouths. Deanna, Tracey, and Sayoko rushed over and untied the girls.

"What happened?" Deanna worriedly asked them.

Three of the girls including Jo could not really tell what happened. They were in the library and the next thing they knew was that they woke up and found them tied up on the floor.

Elaine explained what happened. "These two masked men tied us up and forced me to show them where all of the Kabuki information is. One looked through all of the books but did not find anything. He seemed frustrated. Then he made me come back into this room and left me tied up with my friends. The knots were so tight we could not untie ourselves."

"Did you see anything else, what they were wearing, what they said?" Sayoko questioned.

"Or give you any clues to where they might be going next?" Tracey added.

Elaine shook her head sadly. "No, they were wearing all black and including ski masks. I could not get a good look on who they are or where they were going. But they are going somewhere!"

"Ok," said Deanna. Looking at the clock, "we'd better get to the museum, it's getting late. Time is not on our side!"

"You're right," said Sayoko. "We've got to find that map so we can find my sister and your cousin."

"Should we change first," asked Tracey. "To run around in a museum in a..."

"No time," said Deanna. "We've got to get going!" After saying good bye to Jo and Elaine they got back into Deanna's car and drove off to the museum.

Gaston and Harrington pulled around the back of the museum and parked their van out of sight. "How are we going to get in without being seen?" Harrington said.

"Follow me, the museum is closing soon." Gaston ordered. "I have a plan. Here, hide behind this dumpster." The two goons hid on opposite sides of an employee's entrance door. Harrington figured it out after a couple of minutes. He noticed Gaston getting his chloroform ready. Suddenly the large metal door swung open and a young blonde girl about 16 wearing a museum outfit consisting of a white blouse, black miniskirt, nude pantyhose and black shiny pumps. Gaston jumped up and grabbed the girl clamping his hand containing his evil potion over her mouth and nose. Gaston motioned to Harrington and he grabbed the girl by her ankles. Both goons carried her to the van, laid her down and the back and bound her hand and foot with duct tape. Her hands were tied behind her back and her ankles together were fastly held with the duct tape. Gaston took a spare blue bandanna and blindfolded her. And then he gagged her with a strip of tape. He noticed her nametag she was wearing on her blouse. "Amber Miller," he said out loud. "Be good and you will be home in time for dinner." He took her key card out of her skirt pocket and put it in his. Then Gaston got out of the van and closed the door behind him. He raced to the door and opened it with Amber's key. Harrington and Gaston slipped inside and closed the door behind them!

Deanna, Tracey and Sayoko pulled into the Museum parking lot and parked in the rear near the employee's entrance. "Amber said she would meet us outside." Deanna said. "And Erin will be here too to pick her up."

"Isn't that Erin's car," Tracey noticed Erin's Mustang which had just arrived before them. Erin is standing beside it.

"Hi Erin," said Deanna after they parked. "Where's Amber?"

Erin, the 6' blonde wearing a cashmere sweater and short denim skirt with a pair of tan ankle boots spotted the three girls and answered, "I'm not sure, she should have been out by now. The Museum has closed. I have her spare key. We should go in and see if we can find her."

The four girls went up to the door and Erin inserted the key into the slot. The door buzzed and the light turned green. Erin pulled on the door and they went in."

"Amber was going to show us around," said Deanna. "But fortunately we've been here before."

"Be careful of the alarms," said Tracey.

The Museum Curator came through a door on his way home. The balding gentleman in his early 60's spotted the girls, "Oh, hi Deanna and Tracey, hi Erin, who's your friend?"

"Mr. Bentley this is Sayoko, a friend of ours from Japan." Deanna answered him.

"Nice to meet you," said Sayoko in a courteous tone.

"Nice to meet you too," Mr. Bentley responded while shaking Sayoko's hand. "I see you girls must be on another case being here after hours. You know the rules and make sure the door is locked before you go, ok?"

"No worries, Mr. Bentley. By the way have you seen Amber?" Deanna asked.

"The intern, I believe she left 10 minutes ago." Bentley answered her. "Is anything wrong?"

Deanna paused for a moment both from being having a bad feeling something is wrong and with a conflicting feeling that they have to search for this map. "I don't think so, we must have just missed her."

"All right then call me if you need anything, ok girls?" Bentley asked.

"No problem, we will." Tracey assured him. Bentley smiled at the girls again and went out the door.

"I think something has happened to Amber," said Erin.

"You should go," said Sayoko. "We'll call you when we find her."

"No way," said Erin. "I'm with you guys."

"It's ok," said Deanna. "She's a teen detective too and a good one. We can use her help. Come on, let's search for clues. The girls went into the museum unaware of the danger that is about to come over them!

Happy Snooping!
From Deanna and Tracey

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Chapter 8 to end...


Harrington dragged the unconscious Deanna by the shoulders into a storeroom not far from the Theatre wing. There he gently laid her down on some soft boxes. "Sleep tight, my beauty," chuckling as the villain's assistant closed the door behind him. Moving quietly back down the hall he rejoined Gaston. "All set boss, she's out of sight."

"Good," said the Chloroform Villain. "She'll be asleep for a couple of hours. We'll get her later if need be. Let's go check on the others!" Gaston and Harrington went down to the theatre wing and back to their original hiding place where they could see and hear the three girls talking.

Erin, who is obviously upset, is blaming herself for Deanna's disappearance. "First my sister, now Deanna..."

"It's not your fault, don't blame yourself," said Tracey. "We've got to keep our heads clear if we are going to find her."

"She's right," said Sayoko. "And the sooner we find that map the quicker we can get the girls back!" The three girls turned to look at the painting on the wall.

"The signature at the bottom by the artist, is it in Kanja?" Tracey asked.

"Yes," said Sayoko. "Kawasi Shimada, 1946, and get this. This is the acting troupe that one of the thieves belonged to. And look, the alleged thief is wearing the mask! But the stage that they are standing on is not familiar to me."

"I recognize it from a research paper I did for school," said Tracey. "They are standing on a stage from an old Kabuki Theatre that is on the outskirts of Watertown. Shortly after the war the troupe moved away. The building later was renovated and turned into a recording studio and other businesses. The theater was kept intact as part of a compromise to satisfy the historical geeks." Tracey went on..."That building has not been used for years. When compact discs became popular and put the old records out of business, the company closed down. That map could be hidden somewhere in that theatre!"

"Do you know how to get there," said Sayoko.

"Yes, I do." Tracey replied.

"I suggest we search the museum for Deanna and Amber and if we don't find them, I have a feeling that they may have been taken to this old building." Sayoko said.

"I know where the storerooms are," said Erin. "That would be a good place to hide someone."

Upon hearing this conversation, the two villains scurried back the storeroom where Harrington stashed Deanna. "She's in here boss," said Harrington. Harrington opened the door and his face turned white as a ghost. The room is empty!

"Where is she," asked a startled Gaston? Harrington stood there stunned. "Is this the right room?" Gaston asked again.

"I'm sure boss, this is the room. I laid her down on those boxes! I know it!" Harrington started to panic.

"There is no way she could have woken up by now. Someone else has got her!" Gaston exclaimed. "Quick, let's get back to the hideout before those three girls. We'll let the other girl go and while they untie her this should give us some time to get a head start." Gaston and Harrington rushed out to their van. They opened the backdoor. "Stand up girlie and stay here. Your friends will be here any minute. Do you understand?" Amber shook her head, yes. Gaston dragged her out of the van and helped her to stand up. She was still tied, gagged, and blindfolded. "Let's go," and with that the two goons got into the van and drove off.

Amber's heart was racing. She stood there all tied up and not sure what to do. Sayoko, Tracey and Erin decided they had better get to the building after searching the museum and finding nothing. Going out the door they moved towards Deanna's car.

"Look," cried Erin. "Amber," she cried out.

"MMmphhhh," Amber tried to answer. Erin rushed over and removed the tape from Amber's mouth and the blindfold from her eyes. Tracey untied her hands while Sayoko worked on her ankles. "My nylons," Amber cried as Sayoko removed the tape from her ankles.

"Sorry," Sayoko said as she did her best not to ruin the fabric but to no avail.

"Are you ok? What happened to you?" Erin asked as she hugged her sister. "You gave me a fright!"

"You're talking like those fine English girls again," said Amber who is now smiling and is completely unaware the Deanna has disappeared.

"Can you tell us what happened? And did you see anything and can you tell us who did this to you?" Sayoko questioned now in investigator mode.

"All I can remember is that someone grabbed me and put this sweet smelling cloth over my mouth and nose. The next thing I know is I find myself all tied up in back of a van, I think. But wait, then they let me go."

"They," Tracey asked?

"Yes, I think there were two of them. I heard two different male voices." Amber answered.

"Did you see or hear anything else, like another girl?" Tracey continued with her questioning.

"No, there was no one else, just me, why?" Amber asked.

"Are you sure? Think!" Tracey pressed her harder.

"No, I'm sure. There was no one else." Amber said. "Why do you ask?" Amber does not understand.

"Deanna is missing," said Erin. "We think that they might have grabbed her too!"

"She's not in the museum. We'll find her," said Sayoko. "We should get to that building. Come on, let's go." The girls piled into Sayoko's car and drove quickly to the old recording studio on Strawberry Lane.

"We should drop Amber off first," said Erin.

"No way," cried Amber. "I'm in this with you guys. I'm the one who was kidnapped!"

"Ok," agreed as they drove off towards their destination.

Meanwhile Gaston and Harrington drove into the building. Missy was waiting for them. "Where's Benson?" Gaston demanded. And we've got to move the two girls. We are going to have some company."

"Benson left a while ago with some woman whom I've never seen before!" Said Missy. "He said he won't be back until tomorrow. He also told me you can handle things until then! The two girls are strapped down to cots in that side room and they are gagged now."

"Ok, make sure that door is locked and hide. They'll be here any minute." Gaston ordered.

"What's the plan boss?" Harrington asked.

"We'll let the girls search the old theatre and then the building. If and when they find the map we'll grab them, tie them up and be on our way! If they get too close to our prisoners, then we'll have to deal with them then. Come on, let's hide."

As Sayoko, Tracey, Erin, and Amber are soon to arrive at the old recording studio, a man and a woman are driving towards the Watertown Airport.

"Benson your plan may work out after all, we've got an added bonus," said the Woman!

"Thank you, Ma'm. You don't know how much I've enjoyed working with you. And since you are going to finance my new business, I do need subjects. How are you doing back there?" Benson peered through the curtain of the van that they were driving. The van is an airport security van and the woman is driving.

"I'm doing just fine. Thanks for springing me, just tightening this last knot, there! I'm done. I can't wait to see my sister!" The girl in the back said.

Benson peered over the seat. "Good, hands tied tightly behind her back, ankles together, rope around her knees and chest, the gag and blindfold are just right. Cloth stuffed in her mouth held by white cloth gag, thick white cloth around the eyes. And those knee socks, blue cable-knits, I love'm. Thank you Lauren."

(Here read: The Kabuki Mask)


The four girls drove towards the Ocsid Building. Deanna is on everyone's mind. "What if we left her behind?" Erin asked.

"We searched everywhere," said Sayoko. "She's not there. And whoever kidnapped her cousin is likely the same person who kidnapped her. If we find Lisa, we find Deanna!"

"I agree," said Tracey. "Deanna would want us to keep looking for her cousin. Her safety is more important to her. Anyways Deanna can take care of herself. She'll contact us when she can. As they were driving the girls studied an old blueprint of the building Erin found on her lap top computer. "The old theatre is in the middle of the north end of the building." Tracey looked up. "Turn here the building is on the right at the back of that big parking lot." Tracey pointed to the right.

Sayoko turned the car into the parking lot but parked away from the building. "We've got to be careful! Those crooks if they're smart will be waiting for us."

"Let's go around the back of that big building and see if we can get in the back." Tracey said. Sayoko turned the car off and the girls got out.

"I wished we were dressed better," said Erin.

"Me too," said Tracey. "But there is not time to change. Time is not on our side!" The four girls scurried around what used to be shopping plaza, which closed down when the Watertown Mall was built. This area has been zoned for new development for the economy of Watertown but the project has been temporarily stalled due to a dispute over the deed to the block. (Thanks to Madame M). They came upon the back of the Ocsid building. The windows are boarded up and the doors a locked. Tracey slithered around the side of the building to inspect the front. Then she quickly returned.

"The front of the building looks like it has been used. The doors are in good shape. Someone has been inside recently." Tracey observed.

"Not where we should go in," said Sayoko. "Look," she went over to a large wooden door. She pulled out a pick from inside her jacket pocket. In seconds she had the door open.

"Nice," said Tracey. "Mine only works on handcuffs and small doors." The four girls went inside. They looked around what used to be a large warehouse area. They saw two more doors on the opposite side of the large room with a service door in the middle.

"Come on, follow me," said Sayoko. "When we get inside let's stay together. The old theatre should be through that door." Sayoko pointed to the door on the right. They rushed up to the door being as quiet as mice. Sayoko turned the handle, the door opened since there is no lock on it.

"This is cool!" Amber whispered. "I'm on a real case now!" The girls went in and what was inside amazed the girls. They are amazed at an old fashioned theatre with a carved proscenium over the stage and about 250 wooden seats on metal legs in an arena style. Of course Tracey is very familiar with theatres and started looking for possible hiding places for a map. Erin and Amber stood there dumbfounded, really unsure where to look.

The theatre is dusty but otherwise in very good shape considering its age. The girls crept up onto the stage but stayed out of sight backstage in case someone came in.

Sayoko whispered into Tracey's ear. "If we find the map, leave it here. And don't say out loud that we have it. We may need it to bargain with." Tracey shook her head in agreement. Erin and Amber could hear what she said and nodded their heads as well.

Tracey looked around again and spotted a set of stairs that went up to a loft area above where they stood. She went up the stairs and noticed three doors on the right. Across from the door is a grid where ropes use to be tied when scenery was flown in and out. (A theatre term for raising and lowering scenery into the top of the stage) She opened one of the doors and revealed what used to be a costume room. But it was empty. She went in and looked to see if there are any secret hiding places or panels. The other girls had followed her and are checking the other two rooms. One was a makeup room and the other a closet for props. The girls gathered in the room Tracey was in. "You know," Tracey said, "If I was going to hide something in a theatre, I would want to hide it in an area that no one is going to change or even look." Sayoko looked at her and smiled. "The stage, it has to be somewhere under the stage," said Tracey.

"Didn't some of those old theater stages have a trap door and an exit out through the door?" Erin asked. Tracey nodded, yes.

The girls went down the stairs and looked for the exit to the bottom of the stage. But they could not find it! They checked both wings and the backstage areas. But they could not find the door to the exit. "There is a trap door in the middle of the stage," said Tracey. "But it looks like it is locked from underneath so no one can fall through."

"You're right," said Sayoko. "The seams around the door are too tight to open it from the top. So there must be an exit somewhere!"

Tracey looked around again. In the back of stage left is a former utility room probably where scenery was built. She went in and saw benches against the wall, some cabinets, but then spied something strange. "Look at this large metal cabinet that's against the wall! It looks too new to have been here since the 1940's." She opened the doors but it is empty. There are several shelves for where paint used to be stored. Tracey looked at it up and down, and then said, "Here, help me move this." The four girls had trouble moving the heavy cabinet but they slide it along the floor revealing an old door! The door had cracks of worn paint and looked like it had not been opened for many years.

Tracey turned the handle and with some force it turned. Being old and dusty it took some effort and with a little help from Erin the door opened! Tracey turned on her pen flashlight. It revealed a long narrow hallway. "My guess this leads to underneath the stage!" Said Tracey. She could not wait to see what's inside and started to go into the dark passage.

"Wait," said Sayoko. "Be careful, Erin you and Amber stay out here, ok? We'll be right back. The two sisters reluctantly agreed but they understood in could be too dangerous if all four went in and got trapped inside. Tracey went in followed by Sayoko.
The hall was very dark and full of cobwebs but overall not too messy being cut off from the real world. At the end of the hall is a small room. Tracey shined her flashlight around and noticed a small staircase leading up to a trap door in the ceiling. "This is it, we are under the stage," said Tracey.

"Look around and see if there is a place a map could be hidden," Sayoko asked. Tracey shined her flashlight around the room and on the floor. There is nothing but a few wooden shelves but otherwise the room is empty. Tracey slowly examined the floor. She walked towards the ladder and went behind it. She scooted down to look at the floor behind the ladder more closely. "Why did I where this skirt?" She thought to herself.
She bumped her knee on a board that was sticking up above the others. "Rats, I think I just tore my nylons," Tracey said as she noticed something. She lifted up the board that she bumped. "This is loose," said Tracey who is now looking back at a very interested Sayoko. She reached down and pulled out a narrow metal box. Opening it revealed a parchment like paper rolled up. Tracey carefully unrolled it on the floor and handling it in order not to tear it open. Once the paper is flat the two girls looked at it even closer.

"It's definitely a map," Said Sayoko. They looked at it revealing a path from Japan through Europe to Watertown to Danniver Beach!

"There is nothing on this map that shows us where the mask is though," Tracey said with a disappointed voice. "But wait, look at the weird shape of the lines that draw the path. It looks like a drawing of an old Chinese Junk."

"Or Japanese, some of these were used in Japan in the past," Added Sayoko.

"Those type of boats were used in a smuggling ring in Danniver during WWII," said Tracey. Because in those days boats were hard to come by and of course the coast was patrolled for Japanese warships at the time. And one of the places smuggling was common was a cave which is known by Smugglers Cave. Smugglers Cave is near the coast but in a place where bigger boats could not get to because of all of the ledges that are there."

"How do you know so much about Danniver," said Sayoko.

"I did a report on it for geography class," said Tracey, "inspired by our last case.
I think the mask is in that cave." Tracey rolled up the map and put it back into its hiding place.

"Good thinking," said Sayoko. "The crooks are running around here and we can use this against them. Quick, let's get back to Erin and Amber." Tracey and Sayoko rushed down the hall to find the other girls.

While Sayoko and Tracey are in the passageway, Erin and Amber decided to hide. They closed the door and hid behind the large cabinet. The door to the utility room is closed too. But Erin stood near it to hear if anyone is coming. But there is nothing but silence. "Maybe they're waiting for us to come to them," said Amber. "I don't want to hang around to be captured. I wish Tracey and Sayoko could hurry up." Just then the passageway door opened and out popped the two girls.

Erin noticed Tracey's knee is scratched and her nylons are torn. "What happened to you? Are you ok?"

"I'm fine," said Tracey. "You won't believe what we found! And we think we know where the mask is, but we need to look at a map of Danniver. But first we have to look for Lisa and Lin-li!"

"Let's be careful," said Sayoko. "We need to search this building. I bet they're here!"
The girls carefully pushed the cabinet back to where it was, blocking the door. Then they quietly opened the door to the utility room and slipped into the theatre. Going down the aisle near the wall they went to the back of the theatre. Sayoko slowly opened the exit door a crack to look what was on the other side. All is quiet. They slipped into the hall and walked down looking for anyplace that two girls could be hidden. They turned to the right towards the former main offices of the Ocsid building. Of course they are unaware of what is about to happen to them!


Tracey, Erin, Amber, and Sayoko huddled together at the entrance of the old theatre.
"This building is huge!" Amber exclaimed. "Where do we begin?"

"We should split up into two's," said Tracey. "This way we can cover more ground."
Sayoko, thought about it for a minute is a little bit uneasy about splitting up but thought Tracey is probably right. "Ok," she said. "Amber can come with me and you and Erin can search the first floor and we'll take the second. Here, take this." Sayoko handed Tracey a miniature radio.

"It looks like a little walkie-talkie," said Tracey.

"It is a small communication device. I'll be able to hear you in my ear." Then Sayoko pulled out a small earplug from inside her jacket pocket. "Put this in your ear. And the transmitting device in your pocket, you'll be able to hear me and I'll hear you. And no one will know that there is anything in your ear in case something bad happens." Tracey did what Sayoko asked. "Ok," said Sayoko, let's go, but be careful. "We'll meet back here as soon as we can. But be careful!"

Tracey opened the front door slowly. It creaked as it opened from lack of use, the hinges are very rusty. She moved it even slower to try to drum out the sound. Tracey slipped through the door and Erin followed. Sayoko and Amber went back to the stage up to the loft to a door. They think this leads to the second floor of the Ocsid building.

Tracey and Erin are being as quiet as they could go into the former lobby of the theatre. There are old windows and doors in the front. Tracey looked to her left and spotted another door, which she is certain leads back into the building. Tracey motioned with her hand for Erin to follow her. She slowly turned the handle of the door and it opened! Tracey looked down a long hall that contained three office doors on the left side and windows on the right. She listened for any sound and in slow motion moved into the hall. Tracey and Erin looked at the doors and noticed that none of them have been opened in a while. The move down to where the hall turns to the left. There more office doors are there. They know the former warehouse is at the end of the building so if anyone were hiding on this floor they would have to be in these offices. Tracey and Erin crept down the hall. They looked at each other thinking the same thing. This is too easy, is this a trap?" Tracey turned the handled of the first door and opened it. Inside is the office that Benson uses! "This has been used," whispered Tracey. The girls went in and looked over the desk. The desk is mahogany and in very good shape, the kind that a principal of a school uses. Tracey looked through the draws to see if she could find any clues.

"Hurry," said Erin quietly. Tracey found nothing, until she spotted a piece of paper on the floor underneath the desk.

Tracey picked it up from the floor and showed it to Erin. "Webb's Swimwear and Surf Shop," Tracey whispered, "This is located in Danniver Beach, and it's new!"

"Maybe they took the girls there and Deanna too!" Erin said excitedly.

"We still gotta look though," Tracey said. "Come on," as she headed for the door.
"I hear you," said Sayoko in Tracey's ear. "Very interesting..."

Tracey and Erin looked out into the hall to make sure that the coast is still clear, moved towards the next door. Tracey tried to turn the handle but this time it would not move. "Locked," Tracey whispered again. Tracey reached under the hem of her skirt and pulled out her trusty lock pick. Turning it in the door- knob the door opened easily. "It's an old spring action lock!" She opened the door and they went in.

"Mmmmphhh, Mmmmphhh," There, lying on two cots are Lin-Li and Lisa, strapped down with tape over their mouths. They are on their backs. Their hands, ankles held by leather straps and a single strap over their stomachs and thighs. Lin-Li is trying to warn the girls, but suddenly...Gaston grabs from behind Tracey and Harrington grabs from behind Erin. Tracey could instantly recognize the smell of the chloroform soaked rag, "Oh no, not again," she thought. She tried to kick him in the leg but to no avail. As her eyes fluttered she drifted into a drowsy state, unable to resist. The same is happening to Erin. The girls are led over to two chairs where they are quickly bound back to back, hands behind them, and rope around the two girls holding them together. Tracey is aware of what is going on, but is powerless to stop them!

She could only look on helplessly as her hands and feet are tied together and rope holding her and Erin to the chair. Erin is feeling the same way.

"That new type of chloroform is working well boss," said Harrington. "You didn't want to knock them out completely?"

"No, I wanted to test this. I know a lot of people who want this type of drug. Now I know it works. There is only one problem though, it does not last long which is why we needed to tie them up quickly. I'm still working on the formula." He handed two red bandannas to Harrington. "Gag them, and let's go find those two other snoops!" He looked at Missy who is standing in the corner. Harrington cleave-gagged both girls, with the cloth inserted tightly between their teeth in their mouths and then Harrington checked that the girls are securely tied, he went towards the door as Gaston started to leave. "Keep an eye on them until we get back!" Missy shook her head, yes.

"When we leaving for Danniver Boss?" Harrington asked.

"Tonight, now let's go," Said Gaston as they went after Sayoko and Amber!

It did not take long for Tracey to regain her senses. "Mmmphhh, mmmphhh," and a real muffled, "They're coming!" Tracey could feel Erin trying to loosen the ropes around her wrists. Both girls wiggled and tried to loosen the ropes that held them to the chairs. Tracey looked at Lisa and gave her a "don't worry" look.

Meanwhile Sayoko and Amber moved up to the loft. All this time Sayoko could hear everything. "Tracey and Erin found Lin-Li and Lisa, but they were captured by those two goons. Come on, let's hide." Amber, feeling a little nervous now followed Sayoko through a door into the second floor of the building. Moving down a long hall, they noticed that one side of the passageway contained glass on the interior side of the hall. Sayoko deduced that this was where the supervisor's offices may have been and could oversee the entire building when it was in use. They ducked down and peered through the glass and could see the entrances of the offices where Tracey and Erin are being held. Sayoko pointed quietly as Amber looked over. Two men emerged from one of the doors dressed in all black. Sayoko immediately recognized Gaston, The Chloro-villain.

"They must be in that office," said Amber. "What are we going to do?" Sayoko reacted immediately. "Come on, follow me," she said. She led Amber back down to the hall and back to the loft, just inside the door where they came in and hid behind some curtains.

Gaston and Harrington went down the hall and turned towards the theatre. As they made their way to the main doors Gaston's villain instincts began to overtake him.
"Why don't you check out the theatre and I'll go around and check the rest of the warehouse," he ordered.

"Ok Boss," said Harrington. He turned and went into the theatre while Gaston just stood and watched. Harrington went down the center aisle towards the stage. Looking around he turned and checked both wings off stage. "Hmmm," he spotted the stairs that went up to the loft that leads to the 2nd floor of the large building. He slowly went up the stairs and drew his dart gun. Looking around between the stored scenery and curtains he moved towards the exit door.

"Looking for me?" Amber smiled as she sat atop a pile of platforms.

Harrington jumped, as he looked up at the young blonde girl in the black skirt. He pointed his gun at Amber. "Come down from there now!" He ordered.

"Make me," Amber snorted as she moved just out of range. But just before he started to climb up the platforms after her, WHACK! Out of nowhere came a karate kick and the gun went flying. Then with a karate back punch to the neck, Harrington was out before he hit the floor. Sayoko bound his hands and wrists in ten seconds!

"Wow, a new record!" Sayoko smiled. Amber climbed down from the pile. "Come on, let's get that other one!" Sayoko dialed her cell phone and dialed the police as they made there way down the stairs through the theatre and back out the door where Tracey and Erin had originally left.

"What about that other guy?" Amber said.

"I bet he took off like the coward most villains are!" Sayoko pointed out. They raced down the hall toward the room where the two villains had come out. Sayoko carefully opened the door and was welcome to a chorus of "mmmphhs!"

Also standing near Lisa and Lin-Li is Missy, who froze with fear upon seeing Sayoko and Amber enter the room. "Hold it right there, Missy!" Sayoko ordered.

"How'd you know my name is Missy," said Missy now realizing she is in big trouble again. Sayoko stood guard as Amber rushed over to Tracey and Erin. Amber removed Tracey's gag.

"That was fast," said Tracey. "Quick, untie me!" Amber quickly had Tracey and Erin untied. Tracey grabbed the rope that they used to tie her up. Tracey moved towards Missy. Missy began to shake her head, knowing that she is about to be tied up by Tracey.

"You don't have to tie me up, I'll be good!" Missy pleaded. But Tracey moved towards her more as Missy backed up to the cot. By this time Sayoko released Lin-Li and Lisa.

"Tracey, Come on..." But Tracey pushed her down on the cot and tied her hands behind her back and then her ankles together leaving her lying down. Missy looked up at her with a gentle plea, "Please, don't hurt me!"

"Ok, tell me everything, where's Deanna?" Tracey . Tracey's face and expressions are very serious. (Author's note, I've seen this look and well, you don't want to mess with her when this occurs).

"I don't know, honest," said Missy who is now starting to whimper. Sayoko looked at the two of them and smiled.

"Girls, let's go out into the hall and wait for the police!" Said Sayoko, "And let's leave Missy and Tracey alone for a few minutes!"

"No, please, NO!" Missy shouted. "I'll tell you all I know. Principal Benson and his friend have her somewhere. I don't know the friends name but I heard the others call her Madame."

"I heard one of the goons mention Danniver," said Tracey. "Did they take her to Danniver Beach?" Tracey said.

"Yes," said Missy. "I think to a bikini shop, but I'm not sure which one. They are all after this Mask and I think they believe its in Danniver Beach somewhere!"

Tracey and Sayoko looked at each other. "And we know where the mask is," said Tracey. Tracey looked down at Missy, picked up a piece of a white cloth that was used to blindfold one of the girls and cleave-gagged Missy. Missy protested with a muffled "mmmphh.."

"That should hold you until the police get here." Tracey said.

"They'll be here in about 10 minutes. I called them on a delay." Sayoko said. "We've got to get to Danniver and I'll take you there."

"It takes a few hours to drive," said Tracey, "but..."

"Who said we're driving," said Sayoko. "When we can fly! Erin, why don't you take your sister and Lisa home and we'll call you when we get to Danniver."

"Hey, I'm going too!" Lisa said. "I have to find my missing cousin!"

"Ok," said Sayoko. "That other goon must have escaped. Let's go!" Sayoko, Lin-Li, Tracey, and Lisa raced towards the theatre and Sayoko and Tracey went and retrieved the map from its hiding place. They could hear the protesting Harrington calling out to help them. Then they went to Sayoko's car and got in and drove away as the Police arrived with lights and siren into the big parking lot. Erin and Amber waited for them. The Police entered the building and arrested Harrington and took Missy back into custody as Erin explained as much as she could.

As Sayoko drove towards the Watertown Airport...


As Sayoko drove towards the airport, Tracey opened the map and examined it carefully looking for the clue to the whereabouts of the missing mask. "We know for sure it's in Danniver," said Tracey. She picked up a map of Danniver that Sayoko had in the car already. Comparing the two, "hmm," Tracey sighed. "You know, it looks like the mask could be located on the coast. I think there are caves at the northern end of the beach."

Sayoko turned into the private airport and went up to the gate. She showed the guard her credentials and he let her drive through. She drove the car around the small terminal to a hangar located at the far end of the runway. She parked next to a private plane.

Tracey's eyes opened real wide. "Wow, a Gulfstream G-150!" As they got out of the car the girls were in for another surprise.

"Daddy!" Lisa cried as she spotted her father. Donald Taylor is standing next to the plane with his wife. She ran over to them to a round of big hugs.

"Thank you girls, so much. Even though I should throw the book at you for interfering in a Federal investigation," Donald smiled...

"We're apart of it now," said Tracey. "Now we have to find Deanna."

"I know, I talked to her father earlier. He's worried but not to worried. Tracey, you are supposed to come home with me," Donald said.

"No way," said Tracey. "I'm going with Sayoko!"

"It will as you say, be all right, Mr. Taylor. I'll take good care of her. And besides, she is familiar with Danniver and we can use her help."

"I'm going too!" Lisa said. "It's my turn to help! I know Deanna was trying to save me."
"No, you come home with me and your mom," Donald ordered. "Deanna will understand. And she does not want you to be in danger too!"

Lisa started to pout with disappointment.

"It's ok," said Tracey. I think he's right. You can help Erin with the computers here and we'll keep in touch with you."

"Ok," Lisa said dejectedly.

"You girls should get going," said Donald. "And Tracey I did not see you get on the plane, wink, wink!" The Taylor's got into Donald's Lexxus and drove back to their house.

Sayoko, Lin-Li, and Tracey boarded the plane. It has state of the art computers and leather seats. "Wow," said Tracey.

"You know your planes," said Sayoko, as they buckled themselves in. Within minutes they were in the air. "Let me see the map." Tracey handed it to her. Sayoko placed it on a scanner and pressed some keys to activate a program. Typing in an aspect ratio within seconds a printed copy of a new map of Danniver emerged from a printer below the computer screen that is in a wall of the plane. The same map appeared on a large screen.

"Now look at this," said Sayoko. "I've placed the original map in the scanner, and merged it with existing maps of Danniver. As you can see on the screen, it appears that the location of the mask should be in this area right here." Using a remote control, Sayoko magnified the map, (similar to using Mapquest) and zoomed in on the probable location of the Mask.

"That's Smuggler's Cave," said Tracey. "You can only get in there at low tide. I've read once you are in you can go deep into the cave and avoid the ocean when it rises. But it's difficult to get out. Pirates used to hide their treasure there years ago and during the prohibition in the early 1900's whiskey and other illegal liquors were hid there. But now we have to figure out what part of the cave the map is in. I've read it’s very big and there are many passages there."

"That's one thing the map does not tell us, where in the cave area the map is. It only gives us a general location of where it could be." Sayoko said.

"You know, my friends Heather and April know that cave really well. They would be a big help in finding that map!" Tracey added. She looked at her watch, “school is just getting out there. By the time we arrive we can meet up with them. I'll call them in a half an hour. That should give them time to get home."

"We should be in Danniver in about an hour," said Sayoko. "Look in that closet, there are some clothes you can change into. Danniver is a warm climate so we should dress like we are tourists. Here," handing Tracey a blue-jean miniskirt and polo shirt. "We'll wear the Khaki skirts and cami tops."

Tracey looked at Sayoko, "Who's idea is it to where skirts?" Then she realized, all three girls said all together, "The Author of this story!"

Somewhere on another plane, Gaston is sitting in a seat talking on a cell phone to Mr. Benson. "Sorry, I know they escaped with the map, but I know they are headed to Danniver. We can get them there!"

"Not so fast," said Benson. "When they land follow them. Look for an opportunity to steal the map. Or we'll just follow them to the location of the mask. The Madame wants to use the girls to find it for us anyway. No harm done. By the way Lauren Smith and her sister have kidnapped those two bikini snoopers that have been nagging Madame. They are being delivered to the shop as we speak. I think they'll be very useful in finding the map, especially if its in the beach area. Oh, and Madame says nice work on that new chloroform. It will come in handy when we dispose of the girls."

"Wait a minute," said Gaston. "What do you mean by disposing of the girls? I thought no one would get hurt."

"Leave that up to the Madame," said Benson. "This is not your concern. Your job is to follow orders, got it? And what about Harrington, did he escape?"

"No boss, they got him. Gaston muttered. "But he won't talk. He can be trusted."

"He'd better not, for both your sakes." Benson stammered. "Now you should be landing any moment now. Your former prisoners should be joining you soon after. When they arrive, you can follow them and keep tabs on them. Got it?"

"Ok Boss." Gaston turned off his phone. Then he fastened his seatbelt to prepare for a landing at Danniver Airport. But just then his cell phone rings again. "Hello," pauses for a minute, "Good, they'll be arriving in a private jet, hmm, ok." He turns off his phone again. Now Gaston is smiling. Thinking, "I'd better get this right or else!"

Gaston's plane landed at the Danniver Airport with no incident. He is on a special chartered plane, which by no coincidence is owned by a company affiliated with the Madame. But of course it is a dummy company used for money laundering and the transportation of other illegal contraband. Gaston went out the hatchway and scurried over to the hangar that the plane carrying the girls would be arriving. "Good thing I have moles," Gaston said out loud and laughing at the same time. He hid behind some storage bins that are piled up on the far wall.

The girls had just changed out of their clothes when the plane came into Danniver Airport for a landing. Once it touched down on the runway it taxied over to the hangar where the private planes are kept. "I have a car waiting," said Sayoko. "We can drive out to the beach and investigate the cave.

Suddenly Tracey's cell phone started to ring. Tracey reaching into her skirt pocket and opened it and placed it to her ear. "Hello," Shouting, "Deanna! Where are you?"


"Deanna, is that you? Where are you? What, I can't understand you. Your signal is breaking up!" While this conversation is going on, Sayoko immediately jumped on the inboard computer and started a trace of the call.

"Keep her talking," motioned Sayoko.

"Deanna, Deanna, what? Bring the map, where, Catchwood Manor? Deanna, Deanna!
I lost her!" Tracey turned off her phone.

"Rats, there was not enough time but I can locate the signal to the beach area." Sayoko said. “What did she say?"

"It was hard to make out but she said meet me at Catchwood Manor and bring the map. And to come alone, they'll be watching." Tracey cried.

"How do they know we have the map?" Lin-Li said. "Deanna was kidnapped before we found it!"

Sayoko did not take long to answer, "One of the goons that were at the old building has told her captors. And he's probably still watching us. We've got to be careful!"

"Benson and Madame M are the captors, that goon that tied me up has to be the one." Tracey added.

"You mean this guy?" Sayoko said while pointing to an image on her computer that she just called up.

"That's him!" Tracey cried out upon seeing Gaston's photo on the computer.

"Michael Gaston, professional kidnapper, also has a degree in chemistry," said Sayoko. "He was let go from Watertown University 10 years ago. Seems he was implicated but not proven in a series of kidnappings in the area about that time. It seems that the chemicals necessary to make chloroform were found missing from the laboratory, but though he was never charged it was the final straw in an unscrupulous record that led to his termination. He has since become a professional thief and kidnapper. He has been running from the law ever since."

"No doubt he is watching us right now," said Tracey. "But I've got to go and find Deanna."

"And you shall," said Sayoko. "You know that skirt you are wearing? Sewn into the seam under the hem is a microchip that is a tracking device. We'll be able to keep an eye on you from a great distance. And just for safety, here put these in your ear." Sayoko hands Tracey a pair of stud earrings. Tracey removed the studs she had in her ears and replaced them with the ones Sayoko gave her.

"More tracking devices," Tracey asked?

"You got that right," said Sayoko. "And now, its time to go to this Catchwood Manor and find your friend, but first, let me see the map." Sayoko held out her hand. Tracey handed her the map. Sayoko put the map on the scanner next to the computer. She typed in a code on the keyboard. Within seconds a new printed copy emerged from the printer. "Look," said Sayoko as she handed the new copy to Tracey.

Tracey took the new map and looked at it. "Wow," she said. "You can't tell it from the original, except the map is now in the Templeton Museum area! Where did you get this program?"

"You should know," said Sayoko. "This program was designed by your Father, Colonel Brown. Tracey stood there in silence, totally stunned by what Sayoko just said.

"You know him?" Asked a wide- eyed Tracey.

"Not personally," said Sayoko. "But we know his great reputation of being a military leader and commander. Enough now, we have work to do. It's time to get it together!"

"Ok," said Tracey. "Let's go."

The three girls went out the entrance of the plane that is now parked in the hangar. Sayoko looked around to see if anyone is watching. "Tracey, you drive this car to Catchwood, we'll follow you from a safe distance. And remember we can hear everything!" Tracey got into a Ford Taurus Sedan, all black with tinted windows. "Good luck," wished Sayoko.

Sayoko and Lin-Li went back onto the plane as the big door re-opened to let the car out. Tracey drove through the door and out of the airport on the road to Catchwood Manor. Tracey could see in her rear view mirror that a gray van turned out of the airport and began to follow her. Sayoko and Lin-Li, watching from a security camera that was called up on her computer also could see the van following Tracey until it drove out of sight.

"What do we do now?" Lin-Li asked.

"We wait," said Sayoko. "Look," as Sayoko typed in another command on the computer, they are now looking at an Ariel view of Tracey's car speeding towards Catchwood Manor. "Don't you just love satellite imaging!"

Tracey drove towards Catchwood Manor, which is located near the end of the Danniver Beach. Tracey knows it all too well since she was kidnapped and tied up with her friends by Lauren in the Manor. She pulled up to the dirt road that leads to the abandoned building. "Here I go girls," said Tracey, knowing that Sayoko and Lin-Li could hear her. Tracey emerged from the car and walked up the winding driveway until she reached the old house. She can see the ocean and the beach down below the big hill that the Manor sits on. The place is deserted and it's beginning to get dark. "This place gives me the creeps," whispered Tracey. She walked up to the side door and turned the rusty handle. She went into the building and to what use to be the front hall. "Deanna, Deanna," Tracey cried out. But there is nothing but the sound of the surf outside and the building creaking. Suddenly some commotion could be heard from a room behind where Tracey is standing. Tracey's mouth dropped open at the sight of Lauren coming through the door.

"Hello Tracey, did you miss me?" Lauren snarled.

"Where's Deanna, what have you done with Deanna?" Tracey demanded.

"Come now, you are in no position to give me orders. Give me the map!" Lauren shot back.

"No Deanna, no map!" Tracey retorted. She could feel that this could be a game of cat and mouse, but the mouse substituted for another cat.

"Ok," said Lauren. "Madame," Lauren called out. Just then the Madame entered pushing Deanna through the door. Deanna's hands are tied behind her back, and she is gagged with a cloth stuffed in her mouth held in place with a white cleave-gag, and she is blindfolded with a knit scarf. And Deanna is still wearing her skirt and knee socks outfit.

Laura stammered, "The map?"

"Ok, you win." Tracey handed her the map. "Now let Deanna go!"

"Are you nuts?" Lauren laughed.

"I figured so," said Tracey. "I'm going to kick both of your butts!" The Madame stood there and laughed.

"Not so fast," said Lauren. "Look behind you!"

Before Tracey could turn, Gaston grabbed her from behind and clamped a damp cloth over Tracey's mouth and nose. Tracey tried to kick Gaston in the shins and a feeling of 'Not again!' grew inside. Tracey tried in vain to escape but Gaston is just too strong. As Tracey grew weaker she slowly sank to the floor while Gaston led her down. Tracey's eyes closed and she lapsed into a deep sleep.

"Good work Gaston," said the Madame. "Tie her up and put her in the van. Gaston tied Tracey's hands behind her back and picked her up and carried her to the van that is used by the bikini shop. Lauren followed them while pushing Deanna along and after Tracey is dropped on the floor of the van. Lauren pushed Deanna down beside her. Both girl's ankles are bound and the door of the van is slammed shut behind them. Gaston, the Madame and Lauren got into the van and drove back to the bikini shop.


Sayoko and Lin-Li sat at their computer inside the airplane. They watched as Tracey's car moved along the road towards Catchwood Manor. Then the car came to a stop. Sayoko called up another screen that shows the G.P.S. status of Tracey's tracking device.

"We can see the car and the building but I can't make out Tracey. Can we zoom in closer?" Lin-Li asked.

Sayoko responded, "No, not yet. This is as close as the lens and amplifier on the satellite cam will allow. But look, Tracey is in the building. She's not moving, but..." They noticed that Tracey is moving now and a van is leaving the premises. But Tracey's car is not moving. They watched on each screen as the van made its way through the back roads of Danniver towards the beach. They watched as the van parked behind a row of buildings. "Watch this," Sayoko typed on the keyboard of the G.P.S. system and the screen changed to a still picture of the row of buildings. She used the arrow keys to scroll through the buildings. "Hmm, a sports shop, a hamburger shop, a bikini shop." She typed in another code. "She's in the bikini shop at the end of the row. It's a tourist place and not too busy this time of year. And it's not far from the cave where the mask may be."

"Good," said Lin-Li. "We can go rescue her!"

"In time, in time, her captors won't hurt her now. They want the mask as much as we do. I suspect they'll wait until morning and explore the cave especially where low tide is at 5:30 a.m." Just then Sayoko's phone started to ring. Sayoko picked it up and answered it. "Hello..." On the other end is a "Mmmphh..., mmmmph." Sayoko looked up at Lin-Li. "It's Amanda Walsh' number, I think she's in trouble. Come on let's go to her office. Hang on Amanda we're on our way." Sayoko and Lin-Li jumped out of the plane and ran to another car that is parked outside the hangar. "I told Amanda to call us if she got into any trouble. I think she is." The two Japanese girls drove to Amanda's office, which is ten minutes away from the local airport. They turned into her driveway parking lot and rushed to her door. Sayoko opened the door and there sat bound and gagged in a chair, is Amanda Walsh, the local private detective who is the mentor to the bikini snoopers of Danger Beach. Lin-Li pulled the gag out of Amanda's mouth. "Who did this to you?" She asked.

Amanda answered, "First, thanks girls. It was Dianne. She's the secretary for the Principal of Weatherby School. She's working for Madame M. Heather Thomas and April Connor who work for me have been kidnapped from the school, along with another girl. Dianne blew their cover."

Sayoko finished untying Amanda. "I think I know where they are." Sayoko explained everything that happened with Tracey and her friends. "I believe that that Madame M is holding Deanna Taylor too. What do you know about the bikini shop that is at the end of the shops at the end of the beach?"

"Owned by the Webbs," Amanda said. "Clark and Teri Webb, I have some evidence that they are working for the Madame. But I haven't been able to find any evidence that they have broken the law. But we can see the shop with these binoculars from my cottage."

"We know that low tide is at 5:30 a.m. I think they will try to go to the cave then. We should stake out the shop." Sayoko said.

"You're welcome to stay at my cottage up on the hill," said Amanda. "We can get up around 4:00 and wait for them to leave."

"I have the portable tracking device and it will beep if Tracey is moved. We'll take you up on your offer." The three detectives walked up the long path to Amanda's cottage.

"Wow, what a spectacular view," said an amazed Lin-Li! "We can see the entire beach and the tourist shops and that famous boardwalk!"

"And look over there," Amanda is pointing to the left. "See around that point? That is where Smuggler's Cave is located. You can only enter it at low tide without a boat. Hey, we should take a break. We have a long day tomorrow." The girls after a light supper went to bed, Sayoko crashing on the couch in the living room and Lin-Li in Amanda's guest- room.

At about 4:00 a.m. Sayoko awoke. Amanda and Lin-Li are not too far behind. Amanda is now wearing a tee shirt and jean shorts. Sayoko and Lin-Li are still wearing their tourist outfits. Amanda grabbed her night binoculars. They took turns watching the bikini shop until they spotted someone coming out the back. "It's them all right," said Amanda. Deanna, Heather, April, and Tracey and it looks like they are tied up. And there are three villains with them, two women, and a man. One of them, yes, it's Madame M! And the other looks like that girl Lauren that gave us trouble earlier. Yup, they're being put into a van. They must be driving the back road over to Smuggler's Cave. Come on, we can climb up on that ridge and see everything. If they find the mask we'll know it." The three detectives donned on their sneakers and went up another path after a few minutes walk. They climbed up on top of a large rock that overlooks the entire coastal area of Danniver. It's still dark but the sun is just beginning to rise.

"Look," said Lin-Li. "I can see a car, perhaps the van? It's pulling into that clearing.
They watched carefully as the girls are unloaded from the van and led down a path to the entrance of the cave. "Should we apprehend them?"

"Not yet," said Sayoko. "We still do not know if they have found the map!"

The three waited for at least a half an hour. The sun started to rise and the temperature began to rise. "Wow, an old-fashioned stake out," said Lin-Li. "Look!" She pointed to someone coming out of the cave. "It's them, but where's Deanna and the other girl in the blue plaid skirt?"

"Oh my," exclaimed Amanda. "They're leaving them in the cave! We've got to go help them!"

"No, you and Lin-Li follow the others to where they are going. I suspect they will go back to the bikini shop. There call the authorities then. I'll go down and rescue Deanna and her friend. Amanda and Lin-Li left and went down the path to get Amanda's car.
Sayoko watched as Tracey and April are led back to the van. She watched them get loaded into the van and as the van drove off, Sayoko went down the hill.


Sayoko watched as Lin-Li and Amanda left to follow the van that is going to drive away with Tracey and April. After they were out of sight, Sayoko bounded down the hill to the path that led to Smuggler's cave.

"Deanna!" Sayoko cried. She rushed over and untied the girls. "Quick, the tide is coming in faster!" The three girls splashed through the water and climbed up the rock and out of the cave. They ran around the hill onto the beach.

"Wow, that was close," Deanna exclaimed with relief. "I thought we were gonners! Thanks! Oh yes, by the way this is Heather. Heather, this is Sayoko."

"It's nice to meet you!" Sayoko responded.

"Same to you," said Heather. "And thank you, too!"

"Tracey and April, and," Deanna started to say before Sayoko interrupted.

"Don't worry, everything is under control." Sayoko assured them. "Amanda and my sister are on the way over to the criminal's hideout. Once there they will call the authorities. Now, did they find the mask?"

"No," Deanna answered her. "And I don't think it's here. I think it's up at the Weatherby School of Danniver. I want to get up there and check it out."

"Me too," said Heather.

"Ok, I'll drive you up to the school, help out the others, and come back later. Is that the uniform they wear?" Sayoko asked looking at Heather. Heather nodded her head, yes. "Ok, good. You can snoop around without being out of place. Come on, let's go!" The three girls trudged up the path to where Sayoko had parked her car. The girls climbed in and Sayoko drove down the road up to the ridge that overlooked the ocean where the private school is located. She stopped at the main entrance. "You can get out here, I'll be back for you in a few minutes, ok?"

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Amanda and Lin-Li rushed to Amanda's car. But first Lin-Li grabbed her laptop from Sayoko's car and climbed in the passenger side. "Where we going," Amanda asked?

Lin-Li opened the laptop cover and opened the tracking program. She could tell where the van is going thanks to the tracking device in Tracey's skirt. "Drive towards the tourist shops," said Lin-Li.

"I'll take the main road, I'll be the van will travel the back roads in order not to be caught!" Amanda said. Amanda drove towards the shops. They spotted the van behind the bikini shop. They watched as a bound and gagged Tracey and April are led into the back door. "It’s time to call the authorities!" Lin-Li said.

"You can use my phone," said Amanda. Amanda handed her cell phone to the young Japanese girl. Lin-Li promptly called a number, "Hello? Captain Taylor please!" It did not take long for them to arrive...

Just then a large commotion could be heard outside. Suddenly the door burst open. "Federal Agents, you are all under arrest!" Led by Donald Taylor, a team of FBI and Secret Service Agents surrounded the building. Then Amanda and Lin-Li were aloud to come in. They ran over and untied the girls while the authorities put Benson, Gaston, and Lauren in handcuffs.

As Tracey and April's gags were removed, "Boy are we glad to see you," April said!
"But Heather and Deanna..."

"No worries," said Amanda. "Sayoko rescued them in time before the tide came in. They're ok." Both April and Tracey breathed a big sigh of relief.

"But the mask," said Tracey. "It wasn't there. I think it's lost!"

"It's ok," said Donald Taylor. "The most important thing is that you girls are safe. Now where is Deanna?"

"They were at the north end of the beach at Smuggler's Cave. Sayoko is taken care of them. But we have not heard from her yet." Amanda said.

A stunned trio of villains is led out of the room. Then April realized, "Where's the Madame?"

Just then an agent came through the interior door. "That's it Captain, we've searched the building. There's no one else here!"

"Thank you and keep searching," said Donald Taylor.

"I don't believe it, she's escaped again," said a frustrated April!

Tracey reassured, "Hey, we'll get her. Her latest plot has been foiled again! That counts for something! But wait, we still have to find Deanna and Heather!"

"Tracey," said April, "I think they went back to the school. There is a picture of the troupe that had the mask. It may be a clue!"

"Mr. Taylor," said Tracey. "I think we ought to go out to the Weatherby School. They may be there."

"Ok, girls." he said. "You can ride with Agent Larson. She'll take good care of you." Tracey, April, Amanda, and Amelie piled into Agent Larson's car and rode to the Weatherby School. They made their way up the windy road towards the school. Agent Larson parked in the theatre parking lot. Before she could tell them to wait until everyone arrives, the three girls and Amanda jumped out of the car. Tracey spotted Deanna and Heather beside the theatre.

"There she is!" Tracey shouted. They ran up and greeted their friends. Tracey hugged Deanna and of course April hugged Heather. Noticing that Sayoko and Laura a tied up on the ground, "I see you have things under control!" Tracey said with a big grin. The rest of the authorities arrived and arrested Sayoko and Laura.

CONCLUSION: The Missing Cousin Mystery and The Kabuki Mask

"I'm glad you are all right," said Donald Taylor. "Where these two are going, they won't be hurting anyone for a while. And Benson and his henchmen are going to answer to some Federal charges as well. Now Deanna and Tracey, you can fly home with me on the government jet."

"How much does my Dad know?" Deanna asked.

"Enough but not the whole story, but you know you can't hide anything from him?" Donald Taylor said as he put his arm around his niece. "He already knows that he can't keep you from finding trouble!" All of the girls laughed at this.

"Can we say good-bye to our friends first?" Deanna asked. Donald shook his head yes and supervised Sayoko and Laura being led away.

Each girl looked at each other and hated to say good-bye, but they knew they would see each other again. "Hey, you know you are going to need help with that Madame," Deanna said looking at Heather.

"And your Lauren is a handful herself!" Heather said. The girls walked arm and arm down the hill towards Donald Taylor's car. After one more big group hug, Deanna and Tracey got into the car and went back to Watertown. Heather and April, well they know they have much work to do at Danger Beach.

Until our next adventure,

The End!

Happy Snooping!
From Deanna and Tracey

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